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Will Royce Interview: Bustin RoycePRO Hollowcore Release

When I first met William (Bill Rice) Royce in Florida years ago I wasn’t sure if his balls-out, skate-everything style was brilliant or insane. Years later, Will has gone from one of the most misunderstood riders in downhill to one of the most traveled, all-around skaters and top race competitors on the scene. Bustin Boards saw the brilliance of Will early on and has been behind him all along. As the 2015 board drops start hitting the wire, we couldn’t be more stoked to see the Bustin Boards RoycePRO Hollowcore ready to shred! Will skates it all and so does this board!

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You’ve been on the road for a bit and just got back to Merica, where you been? What have you been up to? We haven’t even talked since the cover released really!

Most of fall was spent visiting Colombia, it’s beautiful down there and the skating is world class. I spent most of the time in Medellin which has perfect weather year round, which means lots of skating.

Then January and February was spent in Puerto Rico with METHLEGS and Pataphile (if you have not seen VXPOD2000 yet, you’re blowing it!). Enjoying the beach and the party life that is the Guajataka Downhill. Puerto Rico has some amazing hills. I feel most people usually get caught up partying but we tried to explore as much as possible and it paid off with amazing downhill runs leading to beautiful waterfalls.

Stoked on the cover! Thanks to Blake [Smith Photo] and SKS for sure!

Skate[Slate] Longboarding Magazine Photo Annual

Royce on the cover of SKS Photo Annual

Now that you’re back on US soil, you’ve made the move to actually become a SkateHouse resident?! What’s that like? How is living there different from squatting?

Living at Skatehouse is not much different than visiting. Except Now I have my own room I can go disappear in. I’m also doing a lot of skating now. Basically every day bombing mountains and hitting backyard ramps.

So epic travels, a new home, and now an updated pro model, what can you tell us about the new Royce Pro?

I took a year playing with different shapes and testing out little things on my board. I trimmed everything up making it a bit narrower and we put in a Hollowcore to reduce the weight.

Skate Slate Will Royce Bustin Boards RoycePro 2015

Lighter, tighter and Rasta-er, Jah bless!

We also added several mounting options because I’m always playing with my set up making it shorter to skate small stuff and pulling the trucks all the way out to bomb mountains.

Bustin boards Skate Slate RoycePRo Hollowcore specifications

Lighter, tighter specs for the 2015 RoycePRO.

you were injured for a while, is that all healed up? What events can we expect to see you and the new promodel at?

Yea, I got hit by a car last year leaving the laundromat in Portland, the day I was supposed to fly to Angie’s curves. I couldn’t walk for a month and didn’t skate for about 3 months which ended up being all summer. No issues now tho. I plan on attending Events in the Phillipines, Mexico, hopefully those east coast races and everything that’s happening in Southern California.

Sounds like a lot of races? Are you shooting for IDF points? You’re a balls deep kinda racer, but you have some serious skate skills with you’re wheels off the ground too, what about Jams? Are you going to be hitting any Central Mass / Ithica Jam type events where we can watch you fly on that new RoycePro?

I’m not interested in IDF points or IDF races. Attending events like that with goals in mind can become exhausting. I’m looking to have as much fun as possible on my skateboard. I would rather film raw runs all day than sit at the top of a hill waiting for my only practice run. Plus I despise tucking and that’s most races. Central mass for sure. Not certain on anything else

Board is holding up great never any issues and I have jumped off some big stuff. The board is a tank and now it’s a lightweight tank. One board makes for easy travel too.

I’m looking to have as much fun as possible on my skateboard. I would rather film raw runs all day than sit at the top of a hill waiting for my only practice run. Plus I despise tucking and that’s most races.

Shout outs? Last words?

Skate for fun, scare yourself, get hurt, get up, try it again, learn how to kick flip, predrift a hairpin, do a stand up slide. Learn how to carve a bowl. Buy a one way plane ticket to somewhere you have never been. Tell your parents you love them. Stop judging people who are different from you. Shotgun a beer. Drink lots of water. Never take life for granted.

AMEN! Thanks Will. Really happy to hear you’re doing great and congrats on the new board!

*The RoycePRO is one of the three boards being released by the team at Bustin Boards today, so be sure to check the all new Shrike Deck and EQ HollowCore decks as well on

Bustin Boards RoycePro Skate Slate Will Royce 2015

Bill Rice – Photo courtesy of Bustin Boards


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