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Billy Bones Pro Model Release Party: The Osteon

Billy Meiners had a release party for his new pro model board with Landyachtz, The Osteon. The party was at Rip City Skate, of which Billy has been a long-time supporter. Skip Marcotte of Turn Co, with the help of others, built a mini-ramp (almost a bowl, probably a work in progress) that was ready for it’s first event. Skaters, friends, enthusiasts came in to see the Osteon, to skate the ramp, or chill in the alleyway out back, skating some features.

Landyachtz is releasing a multitude of boards today. Coming to fruition after almost two years of R&D, The Osteon board is available starting now. The Osteon is the fundamental functional unit of much compact bone, according to Wikipedia. For Billy Bones, that’s a pretty good match. The attention to detail in the construction is tried and true. The graphic is influenced by the mother Mary and Dia de Los Muertos art. He has the perfect board for Maryhill, which is a favorite hill for Billy. With the kicktail, he can still maneuver it around the city.

Almost two years int he making, R&D made the Osteon awesome.

Almost two years in the making, R&D made the Osteon awesome.

Early design notes

Early design notes

The Landyachtz van came down for the show. A bunch of skaters, longboarders, and friends also showed throughout the night. There was some beer, pop, chips, salsa, and peanuts. Some serious Portland rippers showed up to skate the ramp. Nathan Harris, Skate Slate intern, shot some photos with my camera and with his own, which are watermarked with his name. Check ’em out.

Later that night, a bunch of us went to the Boiler Room, where karaoke happens every night. Dave “Guff” Leslie arrived after some travel delays and we all sang songs and celebrated the night away.

While Guff was in town, he was filming with Billy for an Osteon video. I shot some behind the scenes photos of Billy and Guff filming in the North Portland neighborhood in which Billy lives, but if you missed it too late.. we had to take it down!! The video will be out soon.. you’re going to love it!

Have a good day! I’m off to the Philippines for two weeks!


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