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IGSA To Manage IDF Timing for 2015

Long time sanctioning body, the International Gravity Sports Association (IGSA) has been quiet but not gone and comes back in a big way to manage timing for the IDF.

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International Gravity Sports Association to Manage Timing for the International Downhill Federation in 2015

Petaluma, CA (April 01, 2015) – The International Gravity Sports Association (www.igsaworldcup.com), what was the sanctioning body for downhill skateboarding for many years announced today that it has acquired the rights to manage timing for the International Downhill Federation, the current global sanctioning body for the sport. “The IGSA really knew what they were doing,” said Zak Maytum, Director at the IDF, as he put a fresh IGSA sticker on his Airblade Fairing. With this new partnership, IDF will continue the sanctioning of race events, positing event calendars, reporting on the results and promoting it’s casual athletes, but will leave all responsibility for timing and officiating to the IGSA. “Since the IDF is now the sanctioning body of choice for downhill skateboarders around the world, this partnership is a natural complement for our timing and officiating systems that are otherwise collecting dust,” said Marcus Rietema, President of the International Gravity Sports Association.

About IDF
The International Downhill Federation is the leading independent sanctioning body for downhill skateboarding (and apparently people who luge?!) . The organization creates long waits between heats to time races to see who gets to the bottom first, where skaters could otherwise be getting their money’s worth in runs and fun racing to win, not for time.

About IGSA
The International Gravity Sports Association (for anyone who only started skating 2 years ago) is the previous sanctioning body for downhill skateboarding. The IGSA still sanctions races from time to time, but was generally over listening to skaters complain about problems they were contributing to.

Media Contacts:
Zak Maytum
+1 303-625-4012

Marcus Rietema
+1 805 578-0040


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