Patrick Switzer Raw Run: Philippines Super Mango Clinic

Patrick Switzer has spent the past number of months recovering from injury, but is on the ground in the Philippines, all healed up and ready for another Super Mango Clinic. I had a chance to catch up with Pat the past couple days to get all the details on where he’s at and what he’s up to. From the looks of the Raw Runs, he’s fully back on board and stoked. Welcome back P-Swiss!

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Hi Pat! Stoked we got a chance to meet up for a minute in Vancouver, by it was just a minute. You’re always on the move. Where have you been so far in 2015 and where are you headed next?

Aweh, Feels good to be back on my board. Was worried for a while how difficult it would be and what the physical and possible mental setbacks might be. Surprisingly within a few weeks I was back rallying Cali roads. I’m slowly shaking off the dust for free riding, and I’ve fallen a few times now which gives certain comfort to where my limits are and that it doesn’t scare me when and how I might fall again.

After some weeks traveling between EDGE in San Clemente, Laguna, Glendora, Malibu, and Santa Barbara skating many well known roads with David Dabic. I’m now in the Philippines with Tamara [Prader] doing preparations for the “Super Mango Clinic” and traveling for Visayan Longboard Trilogy the next weeks.

Skate Slate Patrick Switzer Super Mango Clinic 3

So you’ve been injured, spending the winter in Switzerland, whats so special about the country and why do you spend so much time there? How are the injuries and recovery?

It’s been nice to get to know Swiss life and how their older, wiser mindset stands out in most aspects of life. I’ve grown quite fond of this little squirrel Tamara and her old school family roots. Their simple mountain life intrigues me. I want to grow up to be a boss like them.

It’s also a good thing that Tamara lives on the 5th floor with no elevator. Rehabbing the ankle fairly intensively helped me get back to normal activity quickly. I believe a big part of it is doing many activities to challenge the injury and see how those movements progress over time. Swimming being the first, then balance board, hiking, biking, rock climbing then after a long wait back to skating. It was important to build up muscle to prevent bring injured again.

Stoked to hear you’re feeling strong! How many seasons have you been going to the Philippines? Whats special about the region and what is with the Mango Clinic I’m hearing about?

This is my fourth trip to the Philippines for VLT. And the country motto is true, “it’s more fun in the Philippines!”

In Phili it’s the ‘wild wild east’ with too much stoke for longboarding to handle. Ridership has increased substantially over the years, though sales haven’t increased at the same rate since they make what they have last, and found they make longer lasting boards than many top north american longboard companies.

The people are exceptionally nice and easy to work with. Most know more English than they let on to know. Their relaxed lifestyle and simple way of life is refreshing and humbling.

Dandoy (John Rex) Tongco has been an inspiration for all, and is helping pave the way for other young Filipinos to work hard for more opportunity and finish their education. Now Mica and him have started a family with four month old Matriana.

On my first trip I was told by different Filipino communities about the growing pains they were having finding ways to work together, how to run safe and fun events that were good for the riders. There were many stories of aggressive moments and hardship between communities over numerous issues. They were dealing with the same issues every community does, yet most aren’t spread out in a country of thousands of islands. They’ve worked through most of those issues. I am honored that they’ve trusted me to get to know them so well, and dealt with my prodding to get over issues and work towards a brighter future.

Dandoy, Epos, Lars, Tamara and I have just buttoned up all the preorganizing for the Super Mango Clinic. Amazing to see how fast they get to work, and how many jobs our involvement in their town brings. The town is growing quickly from whale shark tourism. What they haven’t branched into is more sustainable adventure tourism, so hopefully that is the avenue to grow with for the skaters to push. They haven’t planned ahead for what else will keep them going when the whale sharks move on.

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The event will again be a three day clinic with each day having morning instruction from international riders, an after lunch ambassador training course teaching first aid, community building, ‘how to be a good ambassador’ and on the last day ‘how to run your own event.’ In the afternoon will be a freeride until the sun sets over the mountain. My favourite part other than the clinic and technicality of the 6km track, is that we use moto-taxi’s to shuttle us back up the road.

The clinic is a unique opportunity to bring together community leaders from all over Asia to share knowledge, give back and hopefully be the catalyst to small scale community growth in remote areas.

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Community is the way in my opinion too. We definitely share that. So, after the Mango Clinic, is it back to DH racing business? Are you after an IDF title this season?

So far my ankle isn’t giving me significant problems, though I’ll be cautious off the start not to push it too hard too fast. Skate racing is a big passion that I hope to enjoy for many more years. The IDF title is always a goal, though I won’t stress on it so much like last year.

You have had some long sponsorship relationships over the years what are you riding these days and can we expect anything from the R&D you seem to always be involved in?

Definitely happy and honored to represent my favourite companies in the industry and that they’ve allowed me to do so much. It’s interesting to try different companies products in my personal skate time to reinforce why I like certain aspects of what I ride, and as well how those products perform differently to know better how to give effective input back to my sponsors for future changes.

There may be some changes to come in what I’m riding. It is difficult to switch sponsors at this point. After developing personal relationships for many years, it becomes about more than just the product.

I’ve been a fan of the P-Swiss BlOrange color scheme and fresh custom helmet paint jobs. Doing a new helmet this year?

Paint House Customs has been doing a killer job on my helmets over the years. Changing up the flavor each year with a new paint job has been a result of replacing my dome after a year of use. With so much use in a year all those micro bumps add up. [Helmets are not meant for multiple years and impacts, Pat has the right idea, keep it fresh, even without the paint – Les]

This year Triple 8 is working with MIPS to make their Gotham helmet one of the safest most advanced helmet designs on the market. I’ve just heard that they’ll be sending two ‘Racers’ for Tamara and I to their home base in Sweden to be retrofitted. Once that helmet is ready it will receive a fresh coat with classic Canadian maple leafs!

I know youre a fan of bacon, maple syrup, good cheese and swiss chocolate, do you ever cook or do you just eat snacks? Got a quick recipe for the roadie-skater to leave us with?

Food has become a much more important focus over the years. For the international foods I don’t yet know how to cook nearly as well, I still go out to enjoy. Though having a kitchen, be it even a crate as a portable kitchen in the car while road tripping, is imperative to eat right and give back to the body for all we ask from it.

Some favourites:
– For breakfast, steel rolled oats cooked with cinnamon and vanilla. Add in hemp hearts, roasted flax seeds, and top with dried fruit and plain Greek yogurt.
– Lunch, rice bowl with veggie stir fry and coconut milk
– Dinner, potatoe, cauliflower, fennel soup being creative with spices
Roasted vegetable lasagna. It takes some time to prepare, but oh so worth it. Just don’t mess up the bechamel sauce!

Any last words, shout outs, call outs?

A big thanks to my mom Jo Ann, and Partner’s Physiotherapy in my hometown of Hanover for supporting me to get back moving and keep strong after surgery.

Myself and the locals have a worry this year for VLT. With all the international riders joining this year I cross my fingers that their presence doesn’t take away from the wholesome grass roots vibe that the people have worked hard to develop into something so special. I hope they are wise enough to listen before speaking and give before taking. This should really go for any place a person travels that the culture is different then your own. If you live and do like the locals your already on a good path. Respect is key in a place like this.

Thanks Patrick. I hope the leg feels great and the Clinic goes great!

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