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Dave Angelus Interview: No Future Guest Model Release

No future has dropped Dave Angelus’ Guest Model and a fresh video part to go with it. We caught up with Dave to get all the details. You can find his board in stores April 10th.

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Dave Angelus is one of those special people. When he floats into your zone, you are always warmed by his presence and stoked as hell to skate with the guy. But he’s then he’s gone again. Off on another skateventure leaving you with awesome memories and usually a little bottle of his healing potion. Although there’s never enough Dave to go around, we now have his No Future guest model to shred all the time and that probably means more reason’s to spread on some Dave’s Hippy Oil and heal up. 

What’s good Dave? My body owes you big time for the Hippy Oil!! How you been living?

I’ve been living life and loving every moment. Back in Austin, Skating a ton and stoked especially after my recent collar bone break. My body be owing mother nature big time. Been on all kinds of natural hippy remedies to pop back quick.

You’ve always been a kind of quiet giant in my eyes, stoked to see you’re getting a board, what brought this on?

Awe dude a quiet giant? Thanks bro:) That means a lot coming from you! I just like to do my thing and have a blast while doing it. So stoked on this board. What brought it on was, well one of my best friends and biggest supporters, Andrew Mercado, started No Future Skateboards. Before the company was started I had given him an idea of my dream board. He surprised the hell out of me and made it into the 38” Sushi board of the No Future line up and let me know his plan of Guest Models. I ride for Sector 9 with no plans of going anywhere else, so the Guest Model was a rad idea.

The graphic looks dope and is of course in your signature style, how are things with the Hippy Oil trade?

Awe yeah that graphic! So good to bring more color into the world. And it with a big logo celebrating mother nature and the amazing things she can do for us!!!! Hugest smiles right now:) Dave’s Hippy Oil business is going great! Tons of growth and learning about biz. Get amazing testimonials all the time which is the best feeling in the world. Wouldn’t want to be doing anything else with my life! And skating like I do… good thing I have this business:)

Want to win some of Dave's Hippy Oil. Head to now!  Photo: @Wesmcgrath

Want to win some of Dave’s Hippy Oil. Head to now!
Photo: @Wesmcgrath

So life is good, you going to celebrate? Mercado said there was a release party in Austin Texas during the after party of the 2015 SXSW Skate Scavenget Hunt, March 21st? Were you be there? What’s the event about?

I know that’s what I heard! The love from Carve Skate Shop and the Texas family down here shines brightly. The boards are almost sold out! We had a release killer release party here during SXSW, one of the biggest music festivals in the world. I also organize a 24hr skateboard scavenger hunt during that time. So the party was a double party! Just like I like my hugs!

I guess Andrew’s going to have to make some bigger orders for all the skate family! It’s like sending out hugs for your feet and eyeballs!

Thanks for taking time to answer my questions, any last words, shout outs, special road rash treatments you might recommend?

Huge shout outs to my sponsors for supporting my passion and always believing in me: Sector 9 Skateboards, Gullwing Truck Co, Waterloo Wheels, S-1 Helmets, No Bull Longboard Team, Carve Skate Shop, and of course Gnarcado with No Future skateboards!

A special big hug for all of my family, friends, and supporters of Dave’s Hippy Oil!!! Big kisses to my girl and a belly rub for my dog/DHO team mascot Indica! Thank you too for this interview! GIANT hugs on both sides to all!!!

P.s. For some rad hippy remedies to help your body heal bone breaks check out Comfrey Root, and for sprains and that sort of damage look into Castor Oil.

Skate Slate No Future Dave Angelus guest model flier

Daves board will be available in stores April 10th. However, when Carve Skate Shop got word of this release, they bought every damn board that was available at that moment! Carve is a major supporter of No Future and Dave’s shop sponsor, and they are all around really great guys check them out:

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