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Coast Longboarding Danger Bay Poster Archive

Registration is open and Danger Bay is getting closer so I figured What the hell, may as well do a little follow up to an article we posted a few weeks back on Striker’s Memories. With Striker hyping up the event in a new video, I thought this time I would stock pile all the Danger Bay posters to show what’s scowered the BC Coast for the past 15 years.  Before Strike was on youtube, twitterfacebook and instagram, countless volunteers from Coast Longboarding postured (actually printed and hung up physical posters – wow!) around the surrounding area. To be on the poster is a great honor for riders. Or atleast, that’s the way I see it.

DB isn’t the best course in the world, but it’s one that tons of riders want a podium at because of it’s roots and the challenge to actually win it against a pack of Coasties who want it just as bad as any pro. I choose Danger Bay 7 as my favorite poster but it wasn’t easy. Nathan Lang almost won Danger Bay 5 then came back the next year and took DB6.  In this poster, he is in 1st on Carnage Corner the final heat (DB7 poster) with legendary riders Scoot Smith and Kyle Martin gunning for his spot.  It’s a moment that OG Coasters will not forget. Like many heats, everyone went hot into Carnage Corner.  Unfortunately over Nate’s incredible racing career he got crashed out one too many times and threw in the racing towel, in what I feel was his prime. Nate’s a legend, he no longer races but his name will live on in Coast history thanks to the stories and the DB posters.

Check out the gallery and then head to the bottom to find out how you can win some Coast Longboarding gear!

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Comment below and Win! Be sure to tag and post to your wall.

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  1. Les Robertson

    My favourite poster is Danger Bay X because of the mob and memories. But I actually love the Maximillian Gradlmiller DB12 most cause Max is so bad ass. Coast Longboarding Bricin Lyons Skate[Slate]

  2. Cameron Frazier

    Without a doubt my favorite poster is DBX! The rowdiest year I've ever experienced, my first full year attending every major BC race and my introduction to the Coast Longboarding scene. Now it's one big family with Bricin Lyons as the Papa…does that make Les Robertson his son? #cantherebetwopapas?

  3. Erni Villanueva

    DB XIII poster is so dope. Gnar ladies shredding, something awfully gnarly about to happen to #265 and a cheeky wave to top it off!

    Can't wait to finish my first race this year at the heart of where it all started. Cheers COAST LONGBOARDING +Skate[Slate]!

  4. Dan Pape

    I plan to race in Danger Bay 20 after 10 years of not racing in it. If it wasn't for the Attack of Danger Bay and it's relaxed approach to including everyone and anyone that wanted to try DH Skate, then a lot of iconic riders that we are know today would have never even attempted. I'd love to go back to Danger Bay 15 just the party!! Danger Bay 1 for example, I was super excited to just make it to the end. At the time I never knew and even envisioned that it would still be around to this day. Thank you Coast once again.

  5. Mike Nielsen

    If I cant pick DB14 then Imma have to go with DB12 because so much effort went into pulling that one together! Its a real tough call tho because I love Patricia's art on the first one as well. Awesome article tho dan, thanks for doing this its great seeing them all together. :) Bricin Lyons COAST LONGBOARDING The Art of Miken

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