Rain Daley omen Longboards Phoenix

Omen Longboards Phoenix with Rain Daley

Omen Longboards has quietly built an arsenal of rad, super functional boards and a team of top riders around their new factory out in Washington State. The Omen Phoenix, new for 2015, is ready to take-off and rider Rain Daley guides us on a soaring rip through Thunder Canyon on this new whip.

The basic design of the Omen Phoenix has been in the making for years, but exceptional creatures need special handlers and this glorious beast has been lurking the shadows until now. Omen Longboards has collaborated with new, in-house designer Dan Kasmar (Dan is the man and helped start Fivemile previously) along with riders Rain Daley and Nathan Blackburn to release the Phoenix back into the wild and under the feet of the most progressive downhill skateboarders.

Rain Daley Skate Slate Omen Longboards Phoenix

Rain Daley showing off the unique curves of the Phoenix.

The Omen Phoenix Features a one of its kind Center-drop, creating a very unique and incredibly functional ride. Capable of delivering all the grip of a top mount, with the sliding and scrubbing properties typically associated with drop-deck boards, the Phoenix will make high speeds feel more stable and drifts easier to kick out and bring back. The rear platform of the Phoenix also has a moderately wide, but unobtrusive “W” concave that provides great support and allows the deck to be more easily manipulated and and controlled without moving your feet around.

Width: 9.75″
Length: 36″
WB: coming soon…
Top Mount
Center-Drop Deck
100% Made in Washington State, USA

Graphic will definitely make you go fast.

Graphic will definitely make you go fast.

Rider: Rain Daley
Photos: Sam Galus
Film/Edit: Nate Blackburn

Rain Daley was riding:
Omen Phoenix
Ronin Billets
Free Loaders

Rain Daley Omen Skate Slate

The Omen Phoenix is available May 1st from omenlongboards.com and rad core retailers around the world.