Longboard Larry Crocodile

Longboard Larry Crocodile Ready to Dance

Longboard Larry crafts fine skate animals with incredible functionality and a whole lot of fun out of Independence, Oregon. Updating the much loved Komodo, the new Crododile is ready to dance!

Larry warns, ‘Ride with Caution’, this deck is wild! Unlike its friendly predecessor, the Komodo, the Crocodile will attack you or small children when mistreated. If kept clean and fed fresh wheels, you’ll be good to shred for many seasons on this beast of a dancer.


Even after incorporating features such as raised wheel flares, increased concave and fat kicktails, we never lost sight of the purpose of a functional freestyle/dancing board, which is in our opinion, the idea that your feet should be comfortable on any spot of the board. We feel that the Crocodile is the perfect balance between these functional features and having a basic enough platform for footwork.


Length: 47″
Width: 9″
Wheelbase: 32″

Ask your local shop about the Crocodile today or check out Longboard Larry for some of the best custom boards you could ever want to play with.



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