An Oral History of Jakes Rash

A discussion about Jakes Rash could (will) probably go off in a hundred different tangents if a group of Coasties were to take a short walk down memory lane together. The name Jakes Rash and the iconic events that have been held on this road might not live forever, but the stories will, even if the memories of one of Coast Longboarding’s perfect meeting spots are vague at best. Luckily for me I know a few Coasties that helped me remember some details and chatted with some folks like Bricin Lyons, Scott Smith, Team Irene and more. I’ll do my best to round up some stories here.

The first time I raced on Jakes Rash was in 2004.  At the time some fellow Coasties called me “OSB Dan”. I think “Ryan F@&%!! Theobald” gave me the name but then again, who really knows, or cares. Coast was Coast and your nick name stuck. It was probably Strike that coined the name. After all, he’s pretty much responsible for every Coast nick name.  Anyhow, need to focus.  Bricin found the hill and everyone seems to think the Rash was paved in 2003. In the early years I vividly remember the top section forcing me to level up my concentration, it was intense. At the time, both sides had massive boulders, big drops, sharp rocks and/or rock face walls. No hay and no medic. An error in the upper section could easily have been a fatal crash. Jakes doesn’t have any tight corners you need to drift and it’s generally blessed with heavenly smooth pavement, but it rips and it bucks and you need to hold on. And that’s without some heavy racing. Mack Wacey broke both his arms one year.


Jakes Rash Jon Huey Photo Max Capps

Max Capps and Nick Breton softening up some hay.

For the most part the hill used to be ridden outlaw and codes of conduct and rules were mostly unspoken. Gentlemans racing and all. Fortunately, most of us were good people and camaraderie and community were the focus that kept most of us racing anyways, especially if the hill was mad. We raced, but we were also one big team of riders that had an equal passion for being a part something special. Skate gods or whatever you believe took notice and still take care of us to this day.

Jakes was getting used so often for freeriding (actually full full tucked barging), that from 2004 to 2007 Striker introduced and ran “Splash for Cash”.  The BC coastline is plagued with weeks upon weeks of rain in the winter. In 2007,  Team Green took over the organization and started hosting the winter version of the race. This past November, Troy “Yardwaste” took the win and held it down for BC Racing. The likelihood of rain during this event is as high as it gets and Splash for Cash had different rules then the Spring Jakes Rash Race that happens in May. Splash for Cash is usually a full out battle in the rain. And yet, any riders that can make the trip do because that’s Coast Longboarding.

Jakes Rash Jon Huey Photo SkateSlate

Wes Sampson helps a fellow Coastie with some last minute rain wheels

The splash is always held on the 2nd weekend of November for the best chance of the worst weather possible – Scoot Smith

Right, back to Jakes Rash (for Cash, Rumble, now Freeride). In 2004, for the inaugural event, Meatball (Tom Edstrand) won, with Shreddie (Ted Smalley) & Theobald (Ryan) right behind him. Tom was on an dropped Landy board and Theobald was on the a “DH” (Landyachtz OG Race Deck design by Jody “Schnitzel “Wilcock). The 2nd year of the race (2005), Bricin finished 1st with Mike Benda and Graham Buksa standing next to him on the podium. I’m still working on archives from these years when few people cared to take photos and even fewer of us are still around, but keep checking back for an update!

Huey-jakesrash-11 web

2010 – K-rimes and Dalua, both have won Jakes Rash and Danger Bay

Since those early days, a lot of iconic riders have flocked to the road for a chance to win it. Ryan Theobald won it one year, Scoot’s won twice and Rylan “Raggie” English was the first rider on Team Green to take the win. Douglas Dalua swopped in from Brazil and won Jakes Rash a few days after he took the win at DB8. Tony Graves (seen in the top image with Pat Switzer, Zak Maytum & Nick Dunmall) won it too . And then there’s Kevin Reimer who has won 3 times.

The thing about the event is it happens mid week, after the long weekend (perfect for jobless skaters and traveling pro’s!) and it’s NOT A FAMILY EVENT. Coast keeps this event for the riders, so if you want to be there, it’s to skate. If you’re lucky enough to take part in (read: pay and skate) this other wise non-spectator event this year, you’ll get a chance to rip it up with some of the best riders in the world for two whole days of nothing but runs and Coast Longboarding good times.


Jakes Rash Coast Longboarding on SkateSlate.com Photo Courtesy Team Irene-2-2

Team Green “Raggie” English & Luke Roose have champion style on Jakes – photo courtesy of Team Irene

Jakes Rash Jon Huey Photon Jim Z SkateSlate

Jakes brings Legends like Jim Z

Jakes Rash Jon Huey Jody Wilcox Jum Z

Coast Legends Jim Z and “Shnitzel” enjoy the safety and protection of hay-bails. The early years had no such luck.

Strike named the hill Jakes Rash an account that the first rider to get nasty road rash on it was Jake Mees. The very first time it was ridden in a large pack, Mees, a local rider from Eggmont ate shit. At the time the road was THE best road on the Sunshine Coast. Jakes flesh was a tribute to the road, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to please them, they’ve been back for flesh more than a few times when riders push their limits. Welcome the birth of Rash for Cash where Striker personally pushes your limits.

Jakes Rash Jon Huey Photo Grizz Scoot

Good luck crossing the finish before Scoot Smith

Jakes Rash Jon Huey Photo Reimer Grizz Maytum Scoot

K-rimes, Mathew “Grizz” Kroetsch, Maytum and Scoot battle in the last section

Rash for Cash worked like like so. Each year Bricin let riders put their name in a hat for $20. He then picks 5 names out of the a hat.  These 5 riders, and Bricin race one on one. If that rider beats Strike down the hill he gets $100 Cash! Few people can beat the man down a hill he knows so well. The Legendary Jimmy Flindt was able to beat the heavyweight one year which says a lot. Not too many have. If a rider loses, he gets didly squat. Bricin can really only race 5 riders due to time issues and the fact that he was running around all weekend making sure everything kept moving. The big guy weighs in over 300pds and kills it on his this hill that he cherishes ever so much. I don’t think it would matter if it were 10 or even 20 riders, he’d still beat them all.

Jakes Rash Coast Longboarding on SkateSlate.com Photo Courtesy Team Irene-5-2

Team Irene Shot of Striker Lyons chillin’ at the top

Jakes Rash Jon Huey Striker Lyons Road Rash

Not every year has worked in Strikers favor

Jakes Rash Coast Longboarding on SkateSlate.com Photo Courtesy Team Irene-6

Coastie Charlie Cricket (right) loves Jakes Rash – Team Irene Photo

Throughout the years the events have changed and rules adjusted so many times that I can no longer keep up. In fact, I welcome comments if anyone has memories to ad. What I do know is that these days there’s a new crop of riders smashing the Rash and they are going to threaten everyone for the podium. Local Team Irene skates the Rash like child’s play, because many of them started as (or are still) children and the best from Coast come and skate with them to show them the ropes.

Jakes Rash Coast Longboarding on SkateSlate.com Photo Courtesy Team Irene-7

Team Irene Training on Jakes earlier this year

Jakes Rash Coast Longboarding on SkateSlate.com Photo Courtesy Team Irene-8

Team Irene GoPro run with Master Raggie – Team Irene Shot

Jakes Rash Coast Longboarding on SkateSlate.com Photo Courtesy Team Irene-9

Team Irene Shot, tight form

Just like recent years, you won’t be able to just show up and race this hill with the world’s best riders following May Long Weekend. Hell, I’d pay an entry just to watch. It’s that good. But No Spectators, so you gotta ride. If you want to be a part of BC’s Coast Longboarding Downhill Skateboarding History then sign up now!

Jakes Rash Jon Huey Photo Dalua

2010 Podium – Dalua, K-rimes, James Kelly & Zen Shikaze

Jakes Rash Jon Huey Photo SkateSlate Bricin Lyons Smiles

The trip is worth every penny if you get to see Strike smile like this. Jakes Rash 2011 Podium


Just look at these smiles. Don’t look at Grizz’s ass. Told you it’s not a family event!


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