Bonzing’s New Skateboard and Wallpaper Wednesday

San Francisco based Bonzing Skateboards shape skateboards to be timeless, savage and durable and exclusively support skateboarders for our artwork. A portion of every sale goes back to the shaper and artist who created your board and to prevent deforestation we press our boards with FSC certified.

No matter what sized skateboard we are riding it is all Bonzing to us! In 2015 we will have a skateboard for any type of skateboarding you do. We are adding 4 new boards to the quiver and the first addition is the Face Melt street deck. It is tried, true and technical and is sure to melt your face!

New Skateboard:
This month we are introducing the Bonzing Face Melt Street deck. The tried, true and technically shaped street deck is 8.25 wide and the graphic is sure to melt your face!


Wallpaper Wednesday Photograph:
Available on the first Wednesday every month, we put out a new Bonzing image for you to enjoy. This month we’ve captured Team rider Adrian Da Kine in our iconic home of San Francisco!


We Thank You for supporting Bonzing and bringing more opportunities to the skaters creating our products.

Best Regards,