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Abec 11 and Key Dougherty: Crash and Recovery

Key Dougherty slams hard and Abec 11 Media helps take us through his experience.

If you talk to Key Dougherty in person, you might not know he mobs some of the fastest runs in the world. He’s soft spoken, easy going and kind of demure. Get out on a hill with Key and the lid goes on and he turns into a rocketship. He’s not so much a thrill seeker, he just loves going downhills. There are a lot of risks out there and we all take them in one form or another, sometimes unknowingly. Key knows the risk and does his best to keep safe. Stoked to see him looking mostly recovered at the Downhill Disco in San Diego.

All the best Key! Hope to see you high on the podium all season!

It only takes a moment to get off track and fly off the rails. Key Dougherty sheds some light on his accident in mid 2014 and the dangers of downhill skateboarding. Everybody has an activity that makes them happy, even if they risk their life to do it. For Key it’s downhill skateboarding.

No matter who it is, or how many times you’ve skated a road, everybody’s going to crash. It’s not a matter of IF. It’s a matter of WHEN and HOW. That’s just the nature of skateboarding.

Skate smart. Know your surroundings. Have respect for the road and everyone on it.

Filmed & Edited: Michael Alfuso
Driver: Max Capps

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key dougherty abec skate slate


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