world hippie jump record

Czech Crew Lands Hippie Jump World Record

Czech rider Dominik Janoušek sets out to land the world record Hippie Jump with the help of friends Marek Vaňourek and Petr Novák. Does they land bolts? They’re definitely having all the fun!

Who are you guys? Tell us more?

We are three friends and ONE15 longboard shop team mates. The video star Dominik Janoušek rides for Rayne and has fun skating everything. The man behind the camera is Marek Vaňourek rides for Landyachtz and is passionate racer. Petr Novák, the crazy driver, is a true skater and comedian with an actor ambition.

What was the motivation behind the video, where did the idea come from? Was it for a specific reason?

The idea came from Marek’s head. His inspiration is clear. He saw some video of a guy who did ollie over a car (here’s one, and another we found). It was obvious some computer editing was necessary. He wondered whether he could do something similar. At that time the hippie jump was quite popular in the Czech Republic. Hippie contest was held at almost every longboard event here. Dominik was chosen because he’s probably the only one of ONE15 team who can hippie jump and he is for all the fun too. Marek had two options in mind. Short version or the long one. We agreed for the long one, viral version.

The other thing that led us to this video was as well the fact, that last year we made OneLove documentary about Czech downhill scene. There was a lot of work behind the documentary, it took one year of filming and video premiere was held in the cinema, however, people appreciated it less than expected. After the success of Hippie Jump World Record, it’s obvious it doesn’t make sense to do some serious stuff, hah!

Video’s views are hard. I’ve definitely been bummed that my goof stuff got more love than the ideas I put a lot of work into. So I guess you don’t have any thoughts on actually making the jump?

What do you mean with the word actually? It is real already, isn’t it? But honestly, no, it’s too dumb to kill yourself this way. Just have fun.

What’s happing in your Czech scene, what’s going on this coming summer?

Czech scene is definitely growing pretty fast in past year. New events, a lot of races too, with Kozákov in front. We kick-started the longboard web It was inspired by Skate Slate and Skate House Media and it was something that was missing in the Czech Republic.

Local media is definitely great for building the scene, good idea. Thanks for the time, any shootouts you want to make?

Thanks for the space to introduce ourselves and our World Record too! High five to Thomas from ONE15, Landyachtz, Rayne, all the other supporters and huge big up to the viewers!

Pokus o překonání světového rekordu v hippie jumpu. // Attempt to beat the World Record in Hippie Jump.

Camera: Marek Vaňourek
Driver: Petr Novák
Rider: Dominik Janoušek

Sentinel by Titan Slayer
Invisible by Jahzzar
Save the Nerd by Kara Square and Piero Peluche