Skate [Slate] Hard Goods with Daddies Board Shop

Each issue we try and bring you the latest, hardest of goods we think you should know about. In the past, it’s been mostly gear you would explicitly use to skate. This season, with the help of Daddies Board Shop, we’re want to introduce you so to some of the gear we use to enhance our skate life as a whole, not just how we get down a hill. Thanks to Daddies, we’ll also be giving away a bag of Hard Goods to one lucky subscriber each issue. We’re a little behind launching the new program, but be sure to check out Skate[Slate] Issue 24 for the latest Hard Goods and find out how you can win Grab Bag for yourself!

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Atlas Truck Co – Blackout Bearings with built-In Spacers – Keeping true to their innovation roots, these aren’t just your average built-in bearing. When we tightened down the result is often compression of the bearing spacer and this puts stress on your bearings and introduces slop into your setup. The Atlas flared spacer built into the Atlas Blackout Bearing provides additional support and prevents compression of the spacer giving Atlas Blackout Bearings a more precise ride, faster roll speed and a long lasting life. Science!


Skullcandy – Air Raid Bluetooth Speaker – We don’t recommend putting in or on earphones when skating down hills, it’s not the best way to keep aware of things around you or skate with friends. A bluetooth speaker means everyone can hear it whether it’s shuttling up the run or relaxing after one.


Sector 9 – Downhill Division Lightning Slide Glove – We really wanted to get our hands on the new Louis Pilloni pro Thunder glove, but seems they were too hot for even us to get a set when we were doing this shoot. You should check out Louis glove, but this Sector 9 Lightning glove is an awesome choice as well with full leather protection, double layered fingers and knuckle protection just incase. Sector has a wide selection of gloves to fit all your needs really.


Caliber Truck Co – Lurker Sunglasses – Unless you love nothing more than sloppy wet runs, you’re probably going to need a sweet set of shades to hide your eyes from all the sun and thane coming at you. Or maybe you just want to lurk like you were schmangin runs while you chill in the shade. Either way, these Caliber sunnies will help you look supa fly.


Free Wheel Co. – Free Dumbs – Little brother to the Free Willies, the Dumbs are ideal for boards with less wheel clearance (i.e. top mounts) or riders with less weight (i.e. groms). Intended to make sliding easy and predictable for beginning riders and sliders. Ready to ride with a Stone Ground surface, this wheel is soft, supple, and dumps thane so it takes the thinking out of sliding!


Blood Orange – Morgan Pro Series, Liam Morgan Freeride – The LMF has a granular feel that reacts to the pavement you’re riding to help allow for rider friendly control of slides and drifts with predictable hook up. This wheel has a super solid, big core with a tight bearing seat makes for and extremely solid and supported wheel. It also comes in 3 durometers (80a, 82a, 84a) and 3 sizes (60mm, 65mm, 70mm) giving you the same wheel feel and performance across a range of conditions you might be skating.


Gullwing Truck co. – 10″ Reverse King Pin – After years of the same, Gullwing has finally released a new Reverse Cast truck with the help of Munkae designer Josh Rolf. Each detail has been considered and the truck comes with rake, a 47* degree baseplate and stock RAD 91a bushing. Basically going from joe to pro cast trucks in one big overhaul. if you agree cast is fast, or you’re just a skate rat dreaming of precisions, these will help get you to the finish line.


Stance Socks – Bush League sock – Is a sock just a sock? Don’t let everyone steal your plain sports socks on a road trip, Stance is here to take your style from amateur to all-pro. With a bit of western flare and the dependable performance and durability of Stance tech, this sock changes the game – 51% Combed Cotton, 26% Polyester, 13% Elastic, 10% Spandex – still needs to be washed ;)


Polar Stuff – The Mini Duffaluffagus – This mini duffle is perfect for carrying around your wheels, helmet and extras or makes for the ideal Skatecations or event weekend. This bag is a perfect carryon size and has a small side zip pocket for your phone, keys or others small items so you don’t have to dig. Also helpful – a Skateboard straps on the bottom make it easy to carry your board with you when you’re not cruising around on it. The Mini Duffle dimensions are 18″ x 7.5″ x 10″ inches with a total carrying capacity of just over 22 liters.


Leatherman – The Jam – While it seems every tool has its short comings (why do we always lose them?), this new Pocket Tool from Leatherman is specifically designed to wrench on your trucks, stash your ear buds or trim your grip tape and not get lost. The carabiner tool might not be new to us, but this is by far the sickest design we’ve seen. Clip it on and hit the road (the Jam is TSA-compliant) – these Portland, Oregon originals are built to last, complete with a 25-year warranty.


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