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Coast Longboarding Legends: Danger Bay 3 Photo Archive

Diggin’ in the crates for Coast Longboarding memorabilia is difficult.  Danger Bay 3 went down over 10 years ago and was long before digital camera’s were a house hold item for skaters.  Thanks to Lori Dixon Photography we can now have a sneak peak into who some the original members of Coast Longboarding are. Most of these Attack of Danger Bay OG’s are still around and  those that aren’t, are still remembered.

Note: I started taking screen captures while going through all the Coast Longboarding videos and quickly realized the perusing could take months. Instead, I decided to simply post my oldest video with time stamps for you to check out some of the history that makes Coast what it is today.

Fun Challenge – Can you spot Lee Dansie in the video in what may have been his last race in DH Skateboarding?  Leave the time stamp in the comments. Here’s a hint, Danny Connor, you’re not allowed to answer hahah

Danger Bay 14 is underway with volunteers and riders from around the world already setting up camp for an epic weekend of Coast Longboarding!

Tom Edstrand

Danger Bay 1 SkateSlate Archive Photos by Lori Dixon-41

Tom is a Co-Founder of Landyachtz Longboards and still rides to this day.  If you pop into LY HQ on any given day of the week (besides Saturday and Sunday), it’s easy to find “Meatball” plugging away making it all happen.  During the IGSA era, Tom was a World Champion.  You can see in this photo that he is far better equipped and skilled to kill it down the hill thus contributing to those years he did so well.  He was also Speedboarder of the Year, won countless races all over CANADA, USA and Internationally.  He might now be behind a desk plugging away to ensure that better skateboards are made, but he’ll still whoop you down the hill with his old man veteran steez. Tom is THE only man on the planet to have raced EVERY DANGER BAY. A title him and I battled for exactly 1 decade.  He took the Title Danger Bay 11. He always beat me down the hill, even when he was hung over.

  • 1:35-1:41 – 1st Clip – Tom in Mike McGoldricks Slope Style Contest (more on this later), 2nd Clip – Maryhill
  • 6:38 – K-Grinder Outlaw – the infamous race (and corner) where K-Rimes destroyed his leg hitting a rusty guard rail at 70k.  The race was cut short as people watched in horror.
  • 7:06 “We got MEATBALL OUT IN FRONT”
  • 7:15 “You’re gonna wear that this?”
  • 14:38 – Classic moment in Joe Lehm’s Maryhill Loops Race – Watch Tom Slide out and come back to win it.

 Ryan Theobald

Danger Bay 1 SkateSlate Archive Photos by Lori Dixon-16Theobald always had style to please the crowd. A master of the hand down high speed drifts, he railed corners leaving a lot of competitors in the dust.  As for other types of skateboarding, Ryan also skated bowls with ease and paired it up with a wild sliding style that nobody could imitate.  He’s one of the original Coasties and was inseparable from Bricin Lyons for years.  Still good friends to this day.  He was a huge part of making all kinds of events go off in the early years, making sure the party went on all night, working with Guff on all night edits,  and stoking riders on gear that made going 100k/hr attainable.  Oh yeah, he does some stuff at Landy as well.

  • 4:16 – Landyachtz Team at 100/km hr
  • 7:17 – Ryan in the Finals with Jody “Schnitzel” Wilcock, Meatball and Patrick Rizzo
  • 12:51 – Vernon DH – The morning after one of Ryan’s All Night Benders
  • 13:00 – Danger Bay Slide Contest – Wild Style I mentioned above
  • 13:07 – Railing Hands Down
  • 13:31 – Theobald on the podium with Jimmy Flindt & Mischo Erban

Ted “Shreddie” Smallie

Danger Bay 1 SkateSlate Archive Photos by Lori Dixon-26Ted Smallie is a Coast Longboarding legend.  I’ve always wished to see this guy get back on a board ever since his ambition fell off.  He was a podium racer, and amazing athlete with almost superman like powers, and could ride any board you threw at him.  For example, note the board I am riding in the photograph at the bottom.  Danger Bay 4, the following year, Ted made it to the Quarter Finals racing against veteran racers.  That same week, he nearly beat Tom Edstrand on the innaugural Jakes Rash Race. He won Coast’s Urban Assualt (26k Outlaw Endurance Race that starts at the top of Cypress Mountain) and could even make stink bug look good.   I miss watching this gifted thrasher do his thing.

6:14 Ted Slide the Almost impossible to Slide board

4:46-5:04 – Teddy experimenting on all kinds of gravity fed toys

Dave “Guff” Leslie

Danger Bay 1 SkateSlate Archive Photos by Lori Dixon-61The man behind all those great Landyachtz Videos is this skater right here.  Dave’s first year on a DH board was Danger Bay 3.  Guff had other skateboarding abilities and eventually got the downhill decease that never left.  Dave made Coast Longboarding videos for all the early years including Concrete Wave’s Evolution DVD’s.  I’m pretty sure his passion for cinematography got the better of him and I have no idea how long or if he kept racing after this.  Nonetheless, he was always at the party and always documenting the growing Coast Longboarding family.  He was also the drummer for Loose Tooth (Punk Band Striker was  [is?] the singer in).

Rylan “Raggie” English

Danger Bay 1 SkateSlate Archive Photos by Lori Dixon-43RAGGIE was always in the mosh pit.  This Team Green rider was very close friend of Scott Smith.  I’m actually a little bit surprised by these findings because I always thought Scoot had more logged time on dropped decks.  Nope!  Rylan is a killer rider that still smashes big hills like a kid trying to get sponsored.  You’ll definitely be seeing English at Danger Bay 14 and probably until he’s an old, old man.

Stuart “Stumanchu” Pettie

Danger Bay 1 SkateSlate Archive Photos by Lori Dixon-42Stu raced for years and years, skated bowls like a champ and always made sure everyone was included in the fun.  A very familiar face at Landyachtz HQ still to this day.  Stumanchu is all around good skater and an even better human being.  One year, he dumped a boat load of cash into a bus (actually a massive camper) to further his support for like minded skaters that loved the road trip thing.  His camper was equipped with beds, couches and plenty of room to make long drives hella nice.  A bucket list item I never fulfilled was to go a road trip with the famous Stumanchu. Another notable mention is Stu’s dedication to raise money for Cancer Research (Push for the Cure).

  • 8:15 Chuggin a Beer at the 7am Slide Contest
  • 10:52 Stu Entertaining the Crowd Rumbling with loose cannon Matt “Hoodie” Shaw

Mike Perreten

Danger Bay 1 SkateSlate Archive Photos by Lori Dixon-23Mike Perreten is the other Co-Founder of Landyachtz.  To this day you’ll see Mike at a lot of the BC Events.  I distinctly remember Mike pushing riders to their limits.  He paired that up with rad board designs, new ideas to help riders get the most out of the skateboards he design and produced.  When the team was a smaller crew of innovative riders, Perrreten was always in the van talking shop about skateboards.  You may have not skated with Mike in years but make no mistake about it, Mike still skates to this day and prides himself on the fact that HIS company is a skater ran company.

Striker Lyons

A whole article could be dedicated to Bricin!

Danger Bay 1 SkateSlate Archive Photos by Lori Dixon-15There’s no amount of words that could do justice for the many years Coast Longboarding has dedicated to new types of skateboarding and the new skate companies out there that have stood on Coast’s big strong shoulders. It started off with DH but quickly escalated into every kind of event your could imagine.  Skateboarding has always been about using your environment to express your own style, have fun and escape the real world.  Coast was all about DH, Parkade Racing, Long Distance Pushing (often paired with crazy DH) and Slide Jam Events.  There’s always going to be skaters out there that dictate what “real skateboarding” is.  Some will even go as far as to label Longboarding as not Skateboarding.  That never mattered to Coast Longboarders and we just continued to do our thing.  If a new skater showed up with a different set up than ours, he or she more often than not left with a new mantra to spread.  A mantra that labels are bullshit and you’re always welcome at Coast.

And Me! Dan Pape, not a Legend like the rest of these dudes but still loving a life of skateboarding in many ways thanks to Coast!

Danger Bay 1 SkateSlate Archive Photos by Lori Dixon-25I raced On Shore Boards DB 1 to 4 because I was excited to be a part of something fresh.   A passion I still can’t shake to this day.  Although these boards were not meant to go down hills fast, I did it anyways.  The Coast family was so tight that I clearly didn’t do it for podiums.  Ian Comishin gave me a Jim Z Flushcut (Kebbek Signature Board) just before Danger Bay 5.  It was my first year on a traditional set up but I still never podiumed like the greats.  Regardless I showed up for the party, and likely this is the reason I stock piled so much footy.  When I went down, I grabbed a video camera.  And yah, I’m still around. Skating and behind the lens as much as I can be!


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  1. Greg Smithwick

    Hey, Dan! Great footage, most of it from my time as a volunteer at Coast Longboarding events. There is NO footage of me skating, ever…Because I was always so busy working! (Although that is ME getting hammered off the haybales at the Danger Bay Slide Comp, going head over heels to the bottom of the ditch!)

    So MANY of the riders who are young in this video ended up being names the whole downhill skate world knows, now…Scott Smith, Mischo Erban, Nate Lang, Kevin Reimer…I remember touring the Sunshine Coast with Kevin, Nate, and Mike Benda to show them some local hills.

    Great time, and THANK YOU for documenting it…Now I know what it feels like to have been a part of a 'scene' that later attains legendary status.

    Greg 'Smitty' Smithwick
    Coast Longboarding Lifer

  2. Dan Pape

    Without people like Greg, Coast would have never blown up! Likely we'll be doing a Part 2 to the Legends theme. This doesnt even touch on who came out of the crew, but it's a good start~! Thanks Greg!

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