Atlas Truck Co. New Ultralight vs. Original

Atlas Truck Co. knows that riders have varying styles and varying needs. Your truck should be designed for the style of riding it’s best suited for, not as a “one size fits all.” With that in mind Atlas has designed two RKP longboard trucks to fit the needs of our riders more precisely. Between the Original Atlas and Atlas Ultralight there is a truck to fit any size rider whether they prefer cruising, carving, freestyle, freeride or downhill. Find out more at Atlas Truck Co. or follow along below.


The Atlas Original RKP longboard trucks are rugged and stable. These trucks are great for heavier riders, aggressive freeriding, and downhill longboarding.

To compliment the Originals they developed the Atlas Ultralight. These trucks are lighter weight and more responsive; perfect for carving, cruising, freestyle, and freeride.

Check out the differences between the two, and how to pick which is right for you thanks to Atlas Truck Co.


The Original Atlas hanger is built for unparalleled strength and durability. Engineered as a stepped thru axle to increase the strength beyond the limits of conventional trucks. The axle has a 10mm core and is stepped at the hanger face to 8mm so it’s compatible with a standard skateboard bearing. The stepped axle also provides a precision face for the bearing race – eliminating the need for an inner speed ring. The axle is supported by forged aluminum creating a hanger that can take years of abuse, big drops, and just about anything you could throw at it. As with all Atlas Truck the Originals contain a precision machined ball pivot giving you the smoothest most predictable lean possible. If you’re tired of bent hangers and weak trucks, weigh over 175lbs, or hit high speeds while freeriding or downhilling the Original Atlas are a great choice for you.

The Atlas Ultralight takes many of the defining features of the Original and wraps them up in a lighter weight package. The Ultralights feature the same ball pivot, bushing seat, and stepped facing but execute them all using less aluminum and a 8mm through axle. Instead of creating the step with the axle – they’ve engineered it into the aluminum face itself (still no need for an inner speed ring!). The 8mm axle allowed us to reduce the girth of the hanger and the smaller diameter created a hanger roughly 20% lighter than before. The Ultralights are still forged for strength and an extremely strong and durable truck despite their light weight. These trucks are great for lighterweight riders, cruising, carving, freestyle, and freeriding.



Bushings are the urethane cushions that connect the hanger to the baseplate and allow the hanger to articulate. The shape of a bushing can dramatically affect the performance and stability of your truck. The Atlas Original feature a barrel x barrel bushing set up. This set up is great for freeride and downhill longboarding. The barrel design limits the articulation of the truck making for a stable, predictable ride. (Atlas white barrels pictured here are an 89a durometer)

Opposing the Original barrel x barrel setup is the cone x cone bushing setup of the Atlas Ultralight. They designed a unique conical bushing for the Ultralight. The cone has a mellow taper which makes it perfect for deep predictable lean. The cone x cone setup is ideal for most riding under 30mph. The increased lean is perfect for lighter weight riders, cruising, carving, and freeriding.

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