Tactics DH: Ross Druckrey and the Squad

Ross Druckrey hit us up the other day all stoked on Jammin’ with the dudes down in southern Oregon; “its hard to beat fast and drifty pack runs on closed road,” he says to me. Ross is right and he’s been holding it down at Tactics helping build the Squad of rippers like the Boss he is.

The Tactics Downhill Skate Team took another cruise down to meet up with the southern Oregon squad and rally some pack runs on their steep and drifty gems. Jaden Chavez was nursing a sore knee and decided to man the camera for most of the day while Ross Druckrey, Alec Whitman, and Tanner Murphy rallied runs with the homies.

*Filmed on closed roads with spotters*

Jaden Chavez
Alec Whitman
Ross Druckrey
Tanner Murphy
Conner Stanek
Jordan Koehler
Brandon Tissen
Morgan Owens
Dan Mullaney
Jonathan Meadows
Joel Hill
Ryan Smith

Film: Jaden Chavez
Add. Film: Ross Druckrey
Edit: Ross Druckrey
Music: DOOMSTARKS “Victory Laps” (Madvillainy Remix)

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