Don’s World: Catalina Island Classic 2015 photo recap

ABC’s Wide World of Sports in 1977 featured a Catalina Skateboard Classic which consisted of a slalom challenge and a short downhill course in the middle of Avalon California.  The downhill was all of 25 seconds roughly, with riders each taking multiple timed runs against a timer calibrated to 1/1000th of a second.  John Hutson was the big winner that year.  A few years ago, Resource Distribution and Riviera Skateboards pulled the Classic out of the freezer and put a bigger beefier invitational version up onto Wrigley Road above town and gave us an annual destination for a fun in the sun with an extended skate family.

This May, the 4th Annual Catalina Island Classic packed all the hotels and vacation homes with riders, sponsors, family and friends.  Saturday evening featured a sick mini ramp exhibition on the boardwalk with a successful marriage proposal by the dj and a Chi Chi club party to close out the qualifying day.  This year no Sherrif’s dogs, no golf-cart disasters, and no house fires. Win!

Don’s Quick Tips for Photographic Success:
Tip#1: The candy store with the taffy machine has great 75cent coffee first thing in the morning.
Tip#2: Never miss the Mini-Ramp Jam.

Congratulations Kevin Reimer for taking the stacked men’s competition this year.  Dillon Stephens second and Troy Yardwaste third.

Emily Pross nailed another victory in women’s, Spoky Woky Marie Bougourd second and Victoria Waddington third.