Visayan Longboard Trilogy 2015 – Siquijor Island

This April, I was fortunate enough to be on the Skate Slate Philippines trip and able visit for the 6th annual Visayan Longboard Trilogy located there. The 1st leg of the event was held on Siquijor Island, a mystical place known to people for their healing salves, magical herbs, and myths of voodoo-like spells. Long ago, Spanish colonizers called it the “Isla de Fuego” (Island of Fire) because of the glow of fireflies that would gather nightly. The race was held near the village of San Juan. Check out the photos I made from the event.

After some delays in my travel, I arrived on the island of Siquijor around noon as the temperature rose to levels my Norwegian American blood can’t handle well. The race started in a village next to big covered basketball court. It was a perfect way to hang out and wait for your race heat. The Grupo Nopo organizers worked hard to figure out the brackets, all by hand. Like every downhill race in the world, there was a bit of hurry up and wait. It didn’t matter to me cause I just arrived and was meeting new people. I was also handed the keys to Byron Essert’s scooter and was told to try it. A couple of us drove up the hill from the race course, exploring a little off-road action, before heading back to the event.

After pushing from the basketball court, The course went through a beautiful rice paddy area before dropping back into another congested village area. There were many spectators and also many course workers keeping people off the road. Every time racers sped by, there were high pitched squeals and screams. To my surprise, I realized the sounds were coming from a flamboyant group of young boys. They, along with the rest of the crowd, kept the excitement high for the remainder of the race.

I didn’t notice it right away, but as I walked the course to make photos I realized that everyone was in the shade. It didn’t make sense to dry yourself out and overheat in the sun’s rays. As I walked the popular corner to watch, literally every shady viewing area was taken.

The race had many categories, including a team race where the last person on your team is the only person that counts for the win. The open class had an exciting close finish with Aussie Roy Churchland taking the win. Pinoy Dandoy Tongco came in close second and Patrick Switzer in third.

Here is a raw run of the final heat:
VLT 2015 Siquijor Finals

I hope you enjoy the photos from this awesome event. More photos from the Philippines trilogy coming soon!

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