Skate Invasion: The Ithaca Skate Jam 2015

Since 2012 the Skate Invaders and Ontario family traveled down to Ithaca, NY to invade the Ithaca Skate Jam. This year was no exception! Over 30 plus people from Ontario alone came down to skate everything this city had to offer!


Day 1:

Off the beaten road lies the comet warehouse aka shred city.   The main office, warehouse, screen printing lab, and skate park of comet skateboards. Comet is Certified B Corporation who uses non-toxic manufacturing, and hand screens every single graphic – meaning they make skateboards the most environmentally friendly way they can with love. The vibes are huge in this place it’s like going back home and eating your favourite meal.  Big warm fuzzies in your belly!


Marcel marvels at comets wheel well machine as he makes new ones in his home made board.


Eric Jensen is  giving off strong Kurt Cobain vibes in his lurk machine.


Comet skateboards Boss man Jason Salfi shredding hard for the kids.

Day 2:

The Ithaca skate was once known as the Ithaca slide jam and is a skate everything event hosted by Comet Skateboards and the City of Ithaca. The whole town behind this event!  The local radio station, restaurants, hotels and locals themselves are stoked as hell to see you! We even met a local man in the parking lot that left us with this message “Sphynx! Always master the the elements”.  It was something none us could fully understand and probably never will. Master the elements? We did our best master all you can breakfast and was off to the jam. This year’s jam was back on Buffalo Road and jah vibes where large and in full effect. The sun is shining, the people were smiling and dAMMMMM it feels good to be alive.


Vibe master Steve Kong putting down some sexy vibes for the sexy slide comp.


Jared Henry the man with endless style and stoke!  This man is a shred machine.


San Francisco Street Legend Jeff McDonough with his effortless style and grace.


Ontario’s own Brady Brown surfing dat Buffalo street vibe.


Chantell Hill holding it down for the ladies!


Oncredible killing it!

The Skate Jam is non competitive meaning everyone is just skating for fun. At the end of the jam the best non sponsored riders go home with some swag. This year 4 out of five were from Oncredible formerly known as Onterrible because we’re just that good.

Day 3:

One lesson Canadians learn again and again in the United States: just because the beer is cheap doesn’t mean you should try to drink all of it. We dragged our sorry ass’s out of bed because Skate Invasion Ithaca was a must! We don’t have many smooth long fun runs back home so power grom Edward Kiefer took the Skate Invaders out to skate his local runs that started from his front door.


Edward Kiefer and Jon Norman getting to know each other.


Tim Smith was stoked to not fall in the secret skate hole next to Brady Brown


Tim Smith not so stoked on finding the secret skate hole in Invader pack run.


Oncredible family hitting the last corner together before we hit the road.

These thing always end faster than you want them too. You never skate everything you want to skate. You never chill with all the people you want to chill with. The incredible feeling that leaves you wanting more. More positive people, more skateboarding and more good times! Thank you so much Ithaca the heart and soul of skateboarding lives deep within your belly. We’ll be back next year.

Video breaks care of the Skate Invaders, enjoy!


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  1. Dan Pape

    Nuss made me smile a few times in this article. Maybe its the Ontario in me. Either way, this new addition to SkateSlate.com is a welcome one. Keep it up Incredible crew! I love how you changed that up just like that!

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