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The Omen Riot

OMEN Longboards has produced a fast-paced new video to showcase the New 2015 OMEN Longboards RIOT and newly minted team rider, Morgan Owens!

morgan owens omen riot skate slate

The Riot is a top-mount board that features 1/3 of an inch of rocker, a length of 36″, a width of 10″, and wheelbase ranging from 23″-27″ all sandwiched together with 9-plys of canadian maple. The deck has a smooth concave that rises to about 5/8 of an inch, and features a mild middle “w” to help provide some reference for your toes, and some extra leverage for toeside corners. The RIOT is intended for fast riding, both hands-down and stand-up, and with the tight wheel base options and agile topmount performance this board is great for steep corners and high speed velocity management.


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Check out the board in action to witness our newest Team Rider, Morgan Owens, flying down the local hills in the outskirts of Seattle, Morgan has set his Riot up to tackle big corners, and high speeds. He is native to Mt. Shasta, California, but was traveling through Seattle on his way to Danger Bay when he filmed for this video.

Morgans Setup:
Omen Riot
Paris Truck Co
Divine Wheel Co

Find out more about the Riot here: