Skate[Slate] Longboarding Magazine Issue 24 – Early Summer 2015

Early Summer, means that the Northern Hemisphere is coming out of its relative hibernation, events are starting to pop off and you might even get dry runs. It also means another print issue of Skate[Slate] Magazine we know you’ve been waiting for!

Skate[Slate] sent a crew to the Philippines supported by some incredible brands and packed full of some of the best rider. James Kelly, Liam Morgan, Roger Jones, Byron Essert, William Royce, Brent Dubendorff and Levi Green all explored the tropical community while Jon Huey and Brian Cortright captured it all.

Levi got rad and snagged the cover and an interview with Brian, but you also won’t want to miss any of the stories or photos from the huge exclusive on the whole trip. Peep the early update we posted on the blog or Jon Huey’s Visayan Trilogy Photos now for a taste, but you have to get the mag for the whole meal.

While one crew hit warm tropics, Max Dubler took his glass to North Carolina and spent time skating and shooting some epic Dixie Roads with another. We also have a new Blankman gear comparison, this time with a bit of a kick and Skate Slate Japan celebrates 1 year with Coffee and Camping.

In this issue:

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Grab Bag
Hard Goods – The best new gear
Photo Serie5 – Talega Jam
Check Out – Gerald Hernandez and Devon Dotson
Shutter Speed – Don Sheffler, Downhill Disco
Real Talk – You Can Dance If You Want To
Skate House Pages – Retrospective: 5 Years!
Finish Line – Tibs Parise


Levi Green – Norcal Nomad

Lost Coco Nuts – A Philippines Van Tour

Dixie Roads

Test Ride – Blankman Vs Directional Topmounts with Tails

Coffee and Camping: Looking Back at Our First Year in Japan

Lost Coco Nuts in the Philippines

Lost Coco Nuts in the Philippines

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