Bonzing Skateboards: Michael Carson Cat Board

San Francisco based Bonzing Skateboards got featured last month for their shapely shaped skateboards made by and supporting rad skateboarders. We also told you they are adding 4 new boards to the quiver and the first addition was the Face Melt street deck. Well they’re back with another new skate deck and a new Wallpaper. This time it’s the MC Cat for Michael Carson.

New Skateboard: 
Team rider Michael Carson has shaped and created a timeless downhill topmount race deck in a classic concave – the MC Cat Board. It is constructed with 9-plys maple, is 36.5 in. long 9.8 in. wide and has wheelbases of 25.5-28inches. Team rider Michael Carson is a talented skateboarder and artist who has crafted a beautiful skateboard that you’re gonna love to shred!


Michael was also having a lot of fun at Muir Skate’s Downhill disco and took second place, peep the video:

BONUS – Wallpaper Wednesday Photograph and Video:
Last month Team Bonzing took a trip into the California Mountains to get out of the city and into fast mountain riding. They captured Team rider Dead Fred enjoying the lush landscape.


Finally, if you haven’t seen it on Skate[Slate].TV, you should really watch the new video – Team Bonzing Video: Iron, Lion, Zion – showcasing their entire team skating the wide variety of skating they love.

Thank You for supporting Bonzing and bringing more opportunities to skaters creating their products.