Art of Life Project Brazil: Interview with Tibs Parise

Tibs Parise was the Skate [Slate] Magazine Issue 24 Finish Line featuring a photo from his Art of Life Project recently shot in Brazil. With introduction to his new series releasing, we wanted to catch up with Tibs for a minute and find out more about the project. Peep the introduction and roll down the page for an interview and some exclusive photos.

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Hey Tibs, last time I saw you it was after slamming hard at Downhill Disco. How’s the butt? Do slam like that all the time?
Slams like that do not happen often, but it does sometimes. ha ha. I’m okay, I got lucky, I told Scott it was too small for what I do, and he said “What do you mean by it’s too small? just go for it, try” and I went for it. The things who saved me I think are the fact I’m healthy (food), go to the gym, I know what I do (I just missed the grab, but I know I have this trick), I put on safety gear and the Paradox Grip’s technology. When I missed the grab I kept spinning to go on my knees, and when I saw I was off ramp and going at the end to the asphalt, I prepared myself to fall, put my feet first and absorb the shock.

You have been killing it and were just the Issue 25 Finish Line because of it. You’ve got the Art of Life Brazil releasing, what’s it all about?
Thank you I’m stoked! this photo means a lot to me, this session under the rain, the trip, the people there, and the fact you published it means something important to me.

Tibs getting tossed in the wet - Gabriel Klein Photo

Tibs getting tossed in the wet – Gabriel Klein Photo

Peep Issue 24 for the Finish Line Featuring Tibs - Gabriel Klein Photo

Peep Issue 24 for the Finish Line Gabriel Klein Photo of Tibs

Art Of Life Project is a video project we developed with my friend Oleev Torrin while I was living in France. It’s like following me living with the locals the life they live. Everything with Oleev’s point of view and eye! He is really talented to share what he sees. The idea is to show our vision of skateboarding and travel to different countries to experience the skate life on different part of the world.

We started with SkateHouseMedia:

and the SanDiego with Sector9:

We got surprised to have hit more then 80.000 views. So we kept going with the LongboardGirlsCrew in Madrid, Spain:

I think people, especially kids, forget what is skateboarding! I mean do not skate to be sponsored, skate to be yourself! and it will reflect your style!
Skateboarding is more than just be on a board, it’s about the lifestyle, friends, … it teach you a lot of things (living in a community, knowing yourself, have another approach about life, architecture, …) We just want to show all of those on our videos, and inspire people, because at the end, you don’t need to be the best to enjoy skateboarding!

You have a really unique approach to not only skateboarding, but life. How did you end up on a big board, skating for Sector and going so all America. Is the Art of Life slowly telling your story as you go? What’s the goal? Where you do you see yourself and skating in the future?
I started with a shortboard, and I have seen this crazy picture of Jimmy Rao on a huge handrail with a 40inch board, and I understood that there is no rules on skateboarding, I mean the size doesn’t matter! So I tried a lot of different boards and the one I ride today is definitely the one that gives me the most confidence.

I was working with Sector9 in Europe, in the sales department and focusing on the whole country. I also did some marketing and organized some tour with the Nineball Truck. After 5 years, I felt I was not living my dreams, I decided to quit everything and go overseas. And things happened, thanks to the Budro’s, ParadoxGrip and everybody who helped me out.

I do not have a goal, I just have a huge bucket list with a lot of different things I want to be done! Skateboarding is my lifestyle and gave me what I have, what I do, and who I am today, so skateboarding will always be a part of me. But I see myself living a good life here in SoCal and have a family and keep going forward.

What do you have to say to other people wanting to live the art of life?
Life is an art, and the art is to live it! Keep in mind everything is possible, you want something, you can get it, but remember, nothing is easy!
Be positive, optimist, respectful and everything will be fine!

Brazil is an epic place to live the Art of Life for sure. Tell me about the trip and the people in the introduction video and some of these photos?
I wanted to go to Brazil a while ago. So I contacted Reine Oliveira, she said mi casa su casa! I organized the project, Sector9 were stoked on it!

When we got to Sao Paolo with Oleev, Juliano Cassemiro (Reine’s husband) made a lot of things together! We met Renato Sales who is an talented skater (keep an eye on him) and the crew roll to Rio to meet Zunga (skate legend in Brazil) we have been all the way thru the coast, we skated a lot! Then go to Floripa where Pedro Barros gave us the opportunity to ride his spot! Sergio Yuppie showed us around, we met Georgia Bontorin, and skate, live the Brazilian life! Good food, good people, good spots,… Incredible! Everybody helped us to make this happen! Art Of Life Project is a team work!

What’s next for you and the project? What’s the next Art of Life going to be?
You know, we do this project when my friend and I are available, he lives in Reunion Island now. But we hope to do other countries in South America, go to Asia,… we will see, it will depends of our schedule, we do this project. Just check out our website (www.art-of-life-project.com) and follow us on social media @artoflifeproject, it will tell you our future, maybe not.

Any famous last words? Shout outs?
I would like to thanks Oleev Torrin, our partners Sector9, Gullwing Trucks, Mission SkateShop, Fomo Vertical, ParadoxGrip with LightSpeedDivision,…
But I do not want to forget Reine Oliveira, Juliano Cassemiro, Renato Sales and Zunga who helped us a lot and took time for us and show us what you will see in the videos!

Thank you guys for the good work !