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Bear’s Guts KNK Longboard Camp with Red Bull and Cult

#KNK2015 returns to Slovenia with 2 Longboard Camps & 2 Races Marking the 5th anniversary of the KNK Freeride on the Bear’s Guts track, this year we’re stoked to announce two wicked races taking place.

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KnK#1: 27.07.2015 – 01.08.2015 – Race#1 #RedBullNoPawsDown
Maga & Rob McWhinnie bring back their “Freeride” only race style & organization to Europe, this is truly the most technically demanding race on the Euro Tour & will show who’s boss at handling speed with style! Red Bull will be providing a cash prize & their film crew will be all over the mountain getting rad shots for the official video, which premiers at the 2nd camp.

Free for Week 1 riders of the camp, 30 EUR for all others.

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KnK#2: 04.08.2015 – 09.08.2015 – Race#2 #CultSingleSetSurvivors
How well can you race your wheel of choice without swapping for freshies?! haha This race will need you to stick with a single set of wheels for the whole day of racing, rotation & flipping will be key to making sure you can thrash the competition while everyone burns through their ‘thane.

Entry price is 20 EUR & you’ll also receive a set of Cult Wheels, but you can race a wheel of your choice.

Longboard Camps, Freerides the Slovenian way! We believe in going big, that’s why our freeride features:

• 4km~ perfect surface track; two lanes wide
• 18 hairpins; nearly all pre-kinked for added tech
• Uplifts by tour bus; relax & rest on the way up
• 6 days of riding; skate it all or take a break, your choice
• Food; trackside lunch & evening restaurant options to suit all budgets.

We hope you’ll join us on the Bear’s Guts this year, with over 200’000km of skating by riders over the years, you might just see what all the road rash is about.

Check out the 2014 video and get ready for No Paws Down!

(feature image photo – Federico Prieto Samperio)