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Divine Wheels Berserker: Gustavo Mello Interview

Divine Wheel Co. recently released their new Berserker Wheel and a relatively new face was ripping in the video. Gustavo Melo was shredding in the video and featured in a Divine Wheels ad in Issue 24. We connected with Gustavo to find out whats good with him and how he started appearing in all this media.  Peep the interview to find out more and be sure to check out the new Divine Wheels Berserkers.

Hey Gustavo, you and I are totally new to each other so tell me, how old are you, where you from?

Hey Les, so I’m 18 years old now, I’m from Guarulhos – Brazil and I just moved to San Diego by myself to study, skate and enjoy life…

I’m seeing you in ads and now videos, pretty rad, how did you get hooked up with Divine? What else are you riding?

So I used to ride for Gravity, like Ryan does, so that’s how we met, team trips and stuff. He got me into Divine’s team and I’m super stoked! We’re producing a lot already. I’m now riding Holesom decks and gloves, pretty rad, new stuff is about to come! PNL trucks is hooking me up to, and my local Skateshop back home SK8-1 Longboards.


I know I dig the City Slashers and Street slayers, but I have a set of proto Berserkers I snagged a while back, rode them at Downhill Disco. I thought they were fun as proto’s, what do you like about them? What are your other favourite Divine wheels for what types of skating.

The new Berserkers are rad! They’re the new Divine wheel that has a function on of a wheel between the City Slasher and the Street Slayer, they’re not that slippery but slidy, smooth and incredibly long lasting. Perfect for fast freeride with corners and different types of pavement.

I also shred a lot on the City Slashers for big standups and on cold days. The Street Slayers are sick too! So fast and smooth! And the new race wheels (Crucibles) daaaamn they’re fast, hahha and grips so much you can’t belive it.


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When and where did you make the Berserker video? How do you like skating with Schu?! Love that guy. The whole Divine crew is pretty awesome really! Have you skated with any of these guys before?

We filmed around Glendora and some coastal hills in San Pedro. Schu is rad, sick skater, and my homie Kiefer that’s now riding for Divine too is a Killer! Best style. And Ryan is the man! Killer, I still didn’t meet the rest of the team but they’re all shredders for sure!

What do you have coming up next for you in skating? Events? Videos?

I’ll be here in San Diego for a long time so we’re gonna put a lot of sick stuff out. My Divine video part is coming soon. I’m helping Holesom with some new Decks (sick stuff!!!) and I wanna do as many events as possible to shred and have fun!


Thanks for helping us get to know a bit more about you. Do you have anything you want to ad? sponsors? shout outs?

I’m stoked guys, thanks for letting me talk about my self and this experience I’m having. I just want to thanks my family for supporting and helping me all the time, all my homies here in San Diego, and my sponsors for keeping my skateboarding flowing!