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Ms. Monthly – What you Miss’d in May

Welcome to the first of my plan for many Ms. Monthly recaps. I am beyond excited to share with YOU what’s up in female skateboarding. I have always been a huge advocate of female skate media. There’s no question that the emergence of outlets like Longboard Girls Crew, MahfiaTV and Girls Skate Network has exponentially increased the exposure for female skaters. Still, there has always been a gender disparity in media when it comes to more mainstream publications. Here at Skate Slate, I’m hoping to add my energy and bring a stronger voice to the SKSCrew for female skaters one video, one article and one keystroke at a time. Now let’s see what you might have Miss’d in May!


Yvonne Byers in Hawaii. Simply epic. @yvonzing @Longboardgirlscrew


Kate Voynova from Russia has been upping the level female freestyle. Check out her latest edit flipping and flowing around her city.

If you enjoyed that, her insta-videos are always on point too @katevoynova.

Bear Trucks just dropped a PerroPro video of Spanish speed queen Cristina Verdu. Cristina handles her home roads like a boss with tight, or should I say, TOIGHT drifts!!!

South Americans Chela Giraldo and Tana Rohrer met up with filmmaker Alex Ameen in Monterrey, Mexico to film some tight downhill runs for S1 Helmets. Awesome work ladies!

Mari Arndt, founder of Girls In Longboarding, is starting a up a new magazine focused solely on the female scene. I first heard the idea during the 3rd annual SYCLD event in the Netherlands, and it looks like it’s actually happening. In fact, here’s a German video about it! I don’t understand a single word but it definitely looks interesting.

Instagram has selfies, blogs have shameless self promotion! I was lucky enough to have the The Loaded Ambassadors channel dropped a farewell from Toronto edit of me (Cindy!) by Skate Invaders, Jon Nuss, and we followed it up with a fresh interview on Skate[Slate].com this past week (kinda June, but it’s relevant, right?)


Danger Bay happened three weeks ago from May 22nd-24th. Victoria Waddington came 1st, Anna O’Neill came 2nd and Kaylene Beatty took 3rd!

podium 3

Britannia happened two weeks back from May 29th-30th. Local PDX homie, Marisa Nunez took the win, with Victoria Waddington and Kaylene Beatty taking second and third respectively. The Grim Mountain Race in the Czech Republic also happened that weekend where Lilian Gutsch came first. Mesa Longboarding Fest in Mexico was also that weekend with Marie Bougourd a.k.a Spoky Woky coming 1st, Chela Giraldo 2nd, and Valeria Figueroa 3rd!

Podium 2

Britannia also posted a run of their finals:

Finally, Killington just wrapped June 6th-7th. Emily Pross continued to dominate the podium and even made it to the round of 32 in Mens! HOLLA! Cassandra Duchesne came 2nd and Spoky came 3rd!


As of mid-June the IDF standings are as followed:
1st: Marie Bougourd (1888 points)
2nd: Emily Pross (1300 points)
3rd: Maga McWhinnie (1187 points)

In the USA, Amanda Powell has gone sponsor-less and is skating for the love of it. Super proud of her for having the courage to make that move! Master blaster, Micaela Wilson, finally made an Instagram – go follow her @micaelawilsonskate. Spoky is all American now thanks to race season. Florida-native Neena Schueller is up in Washington for a summer internship, Marisa Nunez has been hustlin’ teaching longboarding lessons and just for a promotion at Daddies Board shop – hell ya!

In international news, last year’s IDF Champion and Issue 23 Skate[Slate] magazine Finish Line Elena Corrigall seems to be foregoing the race season and pushing across the Himalayas instead in order to raise money for the Nepal Earthquake disaster relief. Hell yes, Elena! Go support that here! Valeria Kechichian, all-around badass and fearless leader of LGC has become an in-demand keynote speaker. I hear she’ll be doing a Tedx soon – damn! Aussie shredder Jenna Russo is going on tour with her band Stonefox. Take a listen!

Since it’s all just skateboarding, here’s a quick update from the world of ‘street skateboarding’.

Female-run skateboard company, Hoopla, just made three of their riders pro with their own signature decks. Congratulations Alana Smith, Samarria Brevard, and Alysha Bergado! Well-deserved!

Women’s street also just concluded at X-Games Austin. Downhill legend Katie Neilson was lurking hard and watching the action. Alexis Sablone won gold with an unreal kickflip 50-50 down the big hubba, Pamela de la Rosa came 2nd and my personal favorite, Vanessa Torres came 3rd. All the ladies definitely stepped it up this year and it was awesome to see all the different styles out in full force. Make sure to check out all the behind-the-scenes coverage from MahfiaTV and Girls Skate Network. Killing it softly for sure!


I know, I know. I probably missed a million and one things. Leave a comment below so that I don’t miss things next time around!


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