bear Kodiak skate slate

Hibernation Ends – Bear Kodiaks drop June 22nd

After nearly 2 1/2 years of work, 30+ design changes, 4 mold revisions and many lost hours of sleep, the Bear Kodiaks are ready to come out of their deny.


As we showed you in a recent video about Bear Trucks R&D, Bear Trucks continues to work on innovations and improvements that can be made to longboard trucks. The Kodiaks are next step in their pursuit for downhill excellence.


One of the biggest ways that these are going to be game changers is the new forging technology that we have developed for these trucks. What does this mean for you? You’re going to have some of the strongest trucks available on the market. The axles are machined out of bar stock and pressed in after the heat treating process to ensure ideal alignment. What else? They also use tall bushings to give you the optimal amount of lean for every turn you will encounter while riding these trucks. Each set of Kodiaks also comes stock with 3 set of bushings (90a, 92a, 94a).


Team Rider Dexter Manning. Photo Jacob Lambert.

What is the best part? They retail for an extremely affordable price for the quality of ride you’ll be getting. Stop by your local skate shop or go online to on June 22nd to get yourself a set!


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