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Skating Spain with Axel Serrat

I really don’t remember the first time I met Axel Serrat, but I know I will never forget his smile. Years later that warm smile welcomed me to Barcelona for a few days to explore the city and get to know Axel and his home a bit better. Axel was an incredible guide and a really great host. Alex Ameen was recently in Barcelona (and now Mexico?) and Axel took him out and showed him another area he knows well, the Spanish Pyrenees, for a Paris Truck Co edit. Now it seems there’s an Original Video in Barcelona as well. To Axel, skating is freedom to do what makes him happy and he’s killing it at doing that! 

Seems like you’re killing it as always, Axel, can you share with Skate [Slate] what’s going on in life with you? What’s a typical day or week like for you?

I usually wake up, go buy some fresh fruits and I have a safety meeting with some groove music to charge energies and prepare for the day. I love to grab a train to the hill and just skate down and explore it all. Exploring is what I enjoy the best, specially in “sketchy” places, they usually are the gnarlier and the most peacefull.

You’ve been riding Paris Trucks, but also Original and Cult for some time, what’s your quiver like? Is there a setup you love most?

My quiver is extensive. I love to skate everything, so I have diferent board sizes. You know everyboard has a different feeling and is good to be able to figure out how to skate diferent boards. Now my quiver is based on the Arbiter series, some old short boards from Original, Apex 37 all setup with slidy wheels. Cult Chronicles, Cerebrums or Creators. Paris Trucks (RKP and TKP) with Venom bushings and RDVX Griptape. I love to skate the city with my DK Arbiter, griped with street RDVX, some small Cult Chronicles, and super loose TKP Paris Trucks.

You are a pro-skateboarder. Tell us a bit about all you do and how these brands support that life-style?

I just doing what I love to do. When it comes from the passion it is allways easy to strive. Its hard to explain what I do exactly, but mostly I try to take care of film projects, and I film and edit for the brands I work for. I am also getting into shooting photos. When i am not on board or lens, I work to help Original Skateboards with their shops in Spain and any other way I can, testing product, giving feedback about it, translating stuff to Spanish… hustling.

So with all that hard work, whats the plan for the next few months. How are you balancing working-skater and skateboarding for fun? Any projects you’re working on to keep the stoke alive?!

Even when I’am working I’m usually having a blast. I try to keep my positive vibes always. Every oportunity to travel is great even if its just for filming. Right now I am working in some new travels/projects. I think the future is to collaborate with everyone to try to make skateboarding grow and make it cosmopolitan as possible, theres not just one point of view. I really want to do new stuff, reach new places, find new ways to film/record and come up with new tricks. I have a few things, you have to wait and see.

You just had a sick new video with Paris Truck Co., the Pyrenees seem gnarly and peaceful, just as you like. What was Alex Ameen doing in Spain? How did that happen?

I made it out to California not that long ago and we just meet last time I was staying in at Skate House. You know how I love Barcelona so it wasn’t that hard to convince him. We had the opportunity to work on some projects together and had a lot of fun.

And now an Original Video?

Skate every day my friend. This one is for the Arbiter DK.

I do know how much you love Barcelona, last time I was there, you took me on a rad skate tour of the city with Will Edgecombe and Cam Frazier. Killing it. Any final thoughts you want to share with the readers? Shout outs? Call outs?

I Don’t take anything to serious, specially skateboarding. It is for fun. Lately I have seen lot of shit going on in different communities, localism, fights, anger and lot of jealousy over stupid things as the industry grows. It’s not about industry. Skateboarding is good because it’s freedom, no one can tell you what to do with a skateboard, so enjoy that freedom. Life is good with skateboarding. Remember stoke is not a ‘thing’, it’s a feeling.

Thanks Axel!

For the rest of you, if you enjoyed those videos of Axel, here’s 5 sick edits for a quick video tour of Barcelona with him ripping his hometown.