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Slam Season: 10 Animals Versus Longboarders Videos

Summer means more riders and animals are out on the road. These beasts can ruin your day if you’re not prepared and even a near miss can cause havoc. We compiled 10 animal versus longboarder videos we found to help you remember to skate safe out there this season!

Matt Bo Films captured what might be the latest animal vs longboarder road war in Ontario, but it’s thankfully a near miss. Animals and longboarders have a long history that runs from near miss wins to fails, bails and crashes (or body slams) seen around the world on the internet. We recommend you check your runs before you ride, always, skate safe, and keep your eyes up. Make sure you skate within your limit and everyone in your group can skate comfortably together in their limits. Follow cars not recommend. Spotters are.

Here’s the latest with Matt Bo filming riders Brady Brown and Kyle Lahaie narrowly avoid destruction as a deer jumps into a speedy run:

matt bo ontario raw run bambi close call

Full video

We found 10 more near misses and unfortunate collisions scouring the depths of the inter webs. We probably missed of few great ones, so, if you have a favourite we missed post the link in the comments below, on our Facebook page or submit them to Skate[Slate].tv here. You can also watch all these videos in a handy Youtube Playlist on the Skate Slate Youtube Channel – be sure to Subscribe!

Honorable mention goes to a video found down the search hole, lets kick it off with this stampede near miss:

longboarding into deer stampede

Full Video

10. Hard to see but this is an instant classic for me and really should be enjoyed in full. No helmet, open road and the whole family following in the car recording and cheering and jeering the young bomber. Nothing says family like a vacation to heckle beach. Staying on the right side of the road is only the start of this ride:

Deer almost hit with Longboard

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8. Filming riders with a car is tough and only recommended for professionals on closed roads. This Am earns some stripes dodging trouble when the deer misses the rider entirely but almost hitting his car:

Deer almost hits longboarder caught on gopro

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9. Rider Miguel Azanza is going fast when a deer runs out and he almost goes down in California:

Miguel Azanza Longboarding Deer Crash

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Near misses definitely don’t get the views the slams do, so you might have seen some of these next ones. Enough with the misses, what about when longboarders and animals collide?

7. SQUIRREL! This little guy got under some wheels, but rider Steve Castleberry makes it out standing up and okay:

Steve Castleberry Profumo Canyon

Full Video

6. Why did the chicken cross the road? To give this guy the strap! Bet he wishes it was a Squirrel.

Como matar uma galinha a 90km:h de long

Full Video

5. This kid steps up to bat against a Sheep and gets tossed. Yer out!

Longboarder Vs Sheep - Ruben Forester

Full Video

4. Amanda Roden hits a Cow in this classic Maryhill clip that went around the internet:

Longboard Girl Hits Cow! - lpe360screeners

Full Video

3. Filming for Fayettechill Clothing Company, Jared Henry get taken out by a deer in the Ozarks:

jared henry hits deer in ozarks

Full Video

1. In 2013, in Colorado, Garrett Creamer recorded rider Nathan Ryan getting hit by an elk and surviving it while on a Dawn Patrol with Pagan Downhill.

Elk Hunting with Nate Ryan - Garrett Creamer

Full Video

1. Going internet viral in 2012 Ryan Vitale makes news by not just hitting a deer, but tackling it and taking it down at the Buffalo Bill:

BBDH Reindeer Tackle 2012

Full Video

Like I said, we probably missed of few great ones, so, if you have a favourite we missed post the link in the comments below, on our Facebook page or submit them to Skate[Slate].tv here.

Also, you can watch all these videos in a handily Youtube Playlist on the Skate Slate Youtube Channel – be sure to Subscribe!


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