Vermont With Riley Harris: IDF Burke Mountain

Riley Harris is on the road yet again. He’s in Vermont ripping it up at two International Downhill Federation events, Restless Killington Downhill and Burke PC Picnic – so both a World Cup and World Qualifier podium are up for grabs. Find part one of his trip here (link). Riley is supported by Landyachtz Longboards, Bear Trucks, Hawgs Wheels, EDGE Boardshop, and Hillside Gear.

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East coast skaters definitely add their own personal flair to the party. To sum up the after party for Killington: A guy superman dunk tackled the beer pong table, the South Africans blasted techno, there were some “in good fun” wrestling bouts, pretty sure Garrett Creamer decapitated the sex doll and the bonfire blazed all night.
The next day, as predicted, had heavy rain, and the organizer canceled riding for safety reasons, so we headed to Burlington to hang out. We tried to find a DIY skatepark and randomly stumbled across the Burton Snowboards HQ. They had a huge bowl around back.
burton bowl
Then we found the DIY park.
diy 1 diy 2
Lucky for us Steve Fitz-Maurice was kind enough to host us in his cabin in the mountains of New York State, so we headed there from Burlington. We rode a kick ass tiny ferry across Lake Champlain on the way.
ferry photo
After being lost all day we found the cabin and it turned out to be super rad and the river nearby was gorgeous.
cabin photo
river photo
It was now time to skate and explore in the period before the Burke Mountain World Cup would begin. It was awesome. We started with some rain skating.
avery hair pin
We shot some guns.
gun photo
Found a waterfall.
cabin photo
And skated some more.
riley and max turn right
Our time in New York came to a close and we woke up way too early to make the four hour trek to Burke Mountain. We arrived in the nick of time and suited up for runs. The view was epic on the mountain.
burke start line
The hill is no joke. It’s fast, it’s narrow, and it’s lumpy. Frost heaves add “features” (copyright Wolfgang Coleman) to the hill, vastly increasing its difficulty level. Never have I been tested so hard on my skateboard. Jeremy LeChatelier from Restless snapped some banger photos from practise and qualifications.
We booked ourselves another cabin, and I took a group photo of the crew. Pictured are skaters from Colorado, Team Mids, and behind the camera is me, the lone Canadian. It was a comfortable but a very strange building, filled with animal skins, hunting gear, and bizarre adult books and paraphernalia, not to mention close to twenty matresses. We had a suspicion the land owners frequently hosted “special” parties from time to time. You know what I mean right?
group cabin
Before I knew it race day arrived. Only the top 28 from qualifiers made it straight into the open bracket, with four spots left to earn your way in through a repechage race. I managed to score a top ten time so that race was not part of my schedule!
Here’s ome photos from race day from Jeremy LeChatelier from Restless once again.
Full results:
1. Matt King
2. Alex Charleson
3. Ed Kiefer
4. Tyron Knight
junior podium
1. Niko Desmarais
2. Tom Wilson
3. Lee Cation
4. Mike Paproski
masters podium
1. Marie Bougourd
2. Emily Pross
3. Melissa Brogni
4. Georgia Bontorin
womens podium
1. Byron Essert
2. Dillon Stephens
3. Matt King
4. Norman Plante
open podium
And that’s it! The party went off and I’m headed back to work at Landyachtz Longboards in Vancouver, Canada. Until next time Vermont!