alpenrauschen freeride

Alpenrauschen Freeride with Jorge Pernes

I got connected to Jorge Pernes to get more details on what’s happening in Europe. I was talking with Adam Hill at Lush / Cult / Sabre and he said Jorge was the man. It’s been all stoke and laughs back and forth since and I understand why the he’s such a well liked guy. Jorge was out at the Alpenrauschen Freeride in the Austrian Alps recently and sent us this report on the event. Thanks Jorge!

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Over 140 riders from all over europe grabbed their setups and headed off to the Alpenrauschen Freeride. This is a 3 Day event, organized by the LoRaLo Kartell ( ) it took place in the middle of the Austrian Alps, held in a place called Tauplitz!


The Road is 5,3 km long. The surface is pretty new on some parts, grippy and inconstant on some corners. This made things pretty challenging at times but always fun. With riders reaching 100km´s pack runs turned out to be the sickest runs with some majestic bails thrown in for good measure.
Riders all stayed in a nice hotel right by the track, where everything was prepared for the beginning of what was to come… A hotel full packed of riders, mini ramp out front, trampoline, party room, lake, big sound system… you can imagine how this played out.

Most riders arrived Thursday during the night, grabbed a beer (which was reassuringly cheap) and the party started. I found myself wasted in the hands of the Germans, and the party went until 3am… Jager is such a cruel mistress.

FRIDAY, day 1.
As scheduled by Loralo Kartell, everything went as planned and first riders started to drop the 5km hill at 11am. At first some crazy sweepers followed by a 100 meters tunnel (gotta love a tunnel) dropping into a left corner.

The track is a mix of typical ski resort road full of left and right corner, followed by sweepers and two big chicanes. in the fastest sections a good tuck and solid lines were rewarded with 100 km’s.


Endless beauty.


Pack Runs


More Pack Runs


Rider: Sebastian Hertler


Rider: Alex Dehmel

Apenrauschen it´s a race track, super fun to ride, but not really for beginners. Riders level was high and runs kept flowing. Everyone was very organized, marshalls, bus drivers and riders. In total we had 7 runs, 37km, 84 corners, freaking great!
The DH day ended, but the skating wasn’t over. After an awesome dinner and couple of beers, very quickly the mini ramp was packed with skaters, and music was pumping. Some people partied hard into the night , others headed straight to bed to recharge the batteries ready for the day tomorrow, or as in my case simply nursing the hangover from last nights exploits.


SATURDAY, day 2.
Morning blue skies, filled the morning. Everyone was prepared at 11am to make the first drop. Runs got super fun, the riders were getting more comfortable with their lines, when from nowhere it started to rain…bugger!


Unfortunately the track was to big to be fully protected, and the crew decided to call it a day and pull the pin on this one. We did only did 4 runs but the feeling was mutual. All riders agreed with the decision, and nobody was angry ….safety first kids!



Well… nothing to do? Make it Beer o’clock. The rain kept coming and going. Dinner served at 17pm… the lovely ladies from the hotel in uniform serviced all our drinking needs. In no time everyone was singing, playing, dancing, drinking, playing andddd.. yeah drinking. I´ll let pictures talk for themselves.

SUNDAY, day 3.
The day wasn’t looking promising. With some clouds up the in sky looking threatening. However more problematic for most was the gargantuan hangovers. Vomiting in your full face is never a good option.


Still we managed to get our asses in the starting line, and skated for a couple of runs.

Rider: Tina Zibeline

Rider: Tina Zibeline


Rider: Matt Hias

In the middle of the afternoon rain appeared again, and pretty much the skating was done.

I have to give a huge shout out to the LoRaLo Krew, they were amazing the whole time. From organizing the best event possible, keeping everyone safe with the marshalling, stoking everyone out with the good vibes in the corners and cheering the riders, to the way they received everyone with an awesome smile.


2016, will be bigger, better and even more amazing, as this Crew got much love and stokeness to give.

Obrigado, Thank You, Danke.

More photos on Facebook.

Alpenrauschen Facebook Page

Text thanks to: Jorge Pernes
Photos thanks to: CK Photography (Chris Kre)