Faces of Maryhill – PerroPro x Loaded

Using the legendary Maryhill Festival of Speed as the canvas, Filmmaker Alberto Alepuz paints a sonic portrait of the collision between the fantastic micro-culture of Downhill Skateboarding and the mundane of an average day in rural America. This ambient experiment explores time without narrative, sound independent from picture, merging to create an environment without enforcing one in particular.

The Maryhill Festival of Speed is a unique event held in the bunch-grass prairies of Goldendale, Washington on a closed winding road originally paved for automobile commercials. Once a year a rowdy crew of leather clad international skateboarders descend on the small town to celebrate community, camaraderie and competition.

Film/Edit: Alberto Alepuz (PerroPro)
Sound: Gerardo Moreno & Ethan Cochard
Music: “Lying on our backs and counting a million stars” – Boqurant
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