restless WIm charles ouimet skate slate

Restless Longboards – WIM 2015

With an all new construction for 2015, Restless Longboards has dropped what we think is the best version of the WIM board ever.

The Restless Longboards WIM is team rider Charles Ouimet’s twist on their NKD board. It has everything a serious rider needs; progressive concave, molded wheel-wells, w-concave at the back and micro-drop for perfectly locked feet, stiff in torsion and a little bit of flex. We also cut out deep wheel-wells in order to accommodate even the lowest setups. The major difference between the WIM and NKD is addition of a nice kick-tail for freeride purposes. Finally, this 37 inch long topmount deck has many wheel-base options, 26 inch to 28 inch, so the setup can be made perfect for every type of run. Made with 8 plys of Hard Canadian Maple and finished with with a smooth printed sheet, it is a light deck, but stays stiff. If you are looking for something with a kick to quench your speed thirst, the WIM is up to the task.

Wheelbase : 25, 26, 27, 28″
Length : 38″
Width : 9.25″
Flexibility : Stiff
Concave : Deep
Construction : Composite
Rider Type : Pushing The Limit
Properties : Micro Drop, 3D Wheel-wells, Top Mount, Kicktail, W-Concave, Wheel-wells, Variable wheel-base

Artwork by Greg Turra

Restless WIM Longboard