Skateboarding Ban Approved for Three Santa Barbara County Roads

Sanata Barbara is the latest city to discuss banning downhill skateboarding. Local riders and brands have been working to have their voices heard to combat an impending ban in their home town. While they have been doing their best, it seems that closed door decisions will be made to impose regulations on at least 3 road ways. 

Sanata Barbara is home to a number of prominent skaters in downhill, not to mention brands like These Wheels, Aera Trucks and Powell-Peralta. Bans are not a new measure against skateboarding and it doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s street or downhill, when civilians aren’t stoked, they’re going to move against anything ‘counter culture’ with some moral authority. The unfortunate side of downhill is that it often occurs on public and private roadways and is seen as dangerous, unsafe, without control or breaks and hazardous to both the rider and the public.

For those of us who skate, we know that safety is a key concern and few people want to skate with those that want to be extreme. Downhill is about having fun with gravity and friends and is in no way intended to hurt anyone, especially the rider or the public.

Local skaters like Tom Finchbaugh and supports have posted to facebook that they’re looking for people to sign their petition.

Have a look at the local news from the Sanata Barabara Independent from Senior Reporter John Palminteri, KEYT – KCOY – KKFX and then go to the bottom and check out the petition being setup to stop the ban.

Skateboarding Ban Approved for Three Santa Barbara County Roads: Risks and Dangers too high, along with downhill speeds

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The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors have supported a ban on downhill skateboarding in three areas after hearing about risks and dangers recently.

The new rules will apply to Gibraltar, Painted Cave and San Marcos Roads.

Skateboarders told county leaders they agree the sport is growing in popularity but urged a public education campaign, signage, painted lines in the road and other cooperative traffic solutions – first.  That was appreciated by the board, but the county is fearing liability concerns after hearing about the risks and recent accidents.

Top skateboard manufacturers told the county, Santa Barbara has a deep history in the sport of skateboards, and top board makers. There are world class riders in the area, and downhill skateboarding will soon be in the Olympics.

But for now, those trying their skills will not be able to do it on three of the most popular locations in the area.

The California Highway Patrol was also part of the discussion and the county ordinance will help with the enforcement.

Skateboarder Tom Finchbaugh said “the problem is not dangerous skating it’s a lack of awareness about skaters.”  He favored more community out reach and not an out right ban.

Supervisor Salud Carbajal said this issue called for a balance.  “To recreate where appropriate and at the same time providing health and safety oversight.”

Want to help try and stop the ban? Check out the petition.


Not only can you help by signing this petition but also by writing letters to our Board of Supervisors! Your letter does not have to be long but it is by far the most powerful way to reach the Board and help change their minds.

You can write one email and send it to all 5. It is crucial to keep everything as respectful and professional as possible. If you are a Santa Barbara County resident or frequent visitor, please be sure to include that info. Below is the list of the contact emails for each of the Supervisors. Also be sure to thank Peter Adam for opposing the ban. Contact info is listed below.

1st District: Salud Carbajal (Supports Ban)
Phone: (805) 568-2186 Fax: (805) 568-2534 E-mail: Website: Salud Carbajal

2nd District: Janet Wolf, Chair (Supports Ban)
Phone: (805) 568-2191 Fax: (805) 568-2283 E-mail: jwolf@sbcbos2.orgWebsite: Janet Wolf

3rd District: Doreen Farr (Supports Ban)
Phone: (805) 568-2192 Fax: (805) 568-2883 Solvang: (805) 686-5095 Fax: (805) 686-8133 E-mail: Website: Doreen Farr

4th District: Peter Adam, Vice Chair (Opposed to Ban)
Lompoc: (805) 737-7700 Santa Maria: (805) 346-8407 E-mail: Website: Peter Adam

5th District: Steve Lavagnino (Supports Ban)
Santa Maria: (805) 346-8400 Fax: (805) 346-8404 E-mail: Website: Steve Lavagnino