Ms. Monthly – What You Miss’d In June

Welcome back to another Ms. Monthly! Longboarding season is in full swing as June marks the first official day of summer in the Northern hemisphere, celebrates national Go Skateboarding Day, and kicks off the IDF World Cup races. As a result, ladies from around the world have been out riding, progressing and releasing killer media. To keep you stoked and up-to-date, here’s what you miss’d in June!


@chelagiraldo flowing somewhere in California and realizing just how small we are among nature. Photo: Alex Ameen


Swiss shredder Tamara Prader joined forces with Spanish filmmaker Alberto ‘Perropro’ Alepuz earlier this year to create this downhill masterpiece for Loaded Boards & Orangatang Wheels. Complete with radioactive factories, escaped squirrels and fast Malibu runs, what’s not to love?

Next, Omen Longboards recently debuted Colorado’s Loryn Roberson as the newest member of their team with this video. Watch as she handles her hometown switchbacks with ease and grace!

LGC France, in association with PAN!, has been putting out a series of episodes over the past couple of months. These videos feature some of France’s best riders on some of the gnarliest roads.

Carmen Sutra Shafer has held it down for the freeriding scene for years. Here she is with a quick banger edit!

If you didn’t know, the longboard dance scene in South Korea has been simply booming the past couple of years. This clip in particular went viral on Facebook accumulating over a million views! While the title of the video might be questionable, the rider’s flow is undeniable.

This next video is one of my all-time favourites. You may have missed this one since it was from June… 2008. Regardless, I think it’s important to know your longboard history! Ysabel Mireles was Loaded’s first ever female ambassador. She was doing g-turns, switch backsides and cross-steps before the majority of us even stepped on a longboard! Get stoked on this piece of June history!


Red Bull hosted their 2nd annual Feel The Wheel race in Prague, Czech Republic. This boarder-cross style event saw Eva Samkova win the women’s bracket. After a bit of extra research, the win was no surprise seeing that Eva is actually the 2014 Olympic Gold Medallist in Snowboard Boardercross!!! BAD. ASS.

Here’s a video recap of the event. Women’s coverage starts at 2:48.

The Norwegian championship happening at Voss Ekstremsportveko wrapped up between June 19-21. Live Fristad, Linn Anderson, and Lorenza Walker took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively. The fastest downhill race in Poland – Burow DH – saw Ewelina Kozłowska victorious.

The first IDF World Cup race at Mt. Burke happened between June 11-13th. Marie Bougourd took 1st with Emily Pross taking 2nd and Melissa Brogni Da Luz rounding out 3rd. The Maryhill Festival of Speed happened 2 weeks later with Emily Pross, Victoria Waddington, and Marie Bougourd coming 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively.

Check out Emily Pross’ mic’ed up raw run with Victoria & Marie.

The World Cup will be moving to Europe next where we’ll see Lilyhammer and Kozakov unfold. As of the end of June, the IDF women’s standings are as followed:

1st: Marie Bougourd – 3831 Points
2nd: Emily Pross – 3261 Points
3rd: Magdalena Blanc – 2385 Points


Victoria Waddington is riding for Moonshine Mfg this race season. Cami Best is back on board after a serious injury earlier this year. She recently won the 4th annual NASCAR Skate Race at Pocono Raceway. Brianne Davies has also been spotted skating some fast runs in BC again.

LGC’s film ‘OPEN’ continued to premiere around the world with the latest showings being in Panama and Zurich at the Skullcandy HQ! The next one is in Melbourne,Australia! Ishtar Backlund is skating and filming on some jaw-dropping roads in Norway for a music video. Lisa Li bought herself a beautiful 50cc Moped and has all wanting to join a #scootergang.

One of the epic roads Ishtar skated in Norway.

One of the epic roads Ishtar skated in Norway.

Loryn Roberson has been on her #TotallyHomelessTour for the past couple of months. She’s traveled across the US, up to Canada, and will even be following the World Cup all the way to Norway! Carla Javier is also currently on Bustin Board’s #ForAllWhoPush road trip capturing media and holding it down for the ladies.

Carla Javier pack riding with the Bustin boys somewhere in Michigan.

Carla Javier pack riding with the Bustin boys somewhere in Michigan.


Leticia Bufoni has been at the forefront of female skate media with groundbreaking video parts and big time sponsors. Episode 3 of her latest project in collaboration with the Berrics – PUSH – dropped earlier this month.

Mahfia teamed upped with Skate Like A Girl in San Francisco to shred and capture some media on National Go Skateboarding Day. Check it out here!


I know, I know. I probably missed a million and one things. Leave a comment below so that I don’t miss things next time around!