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Ten Pressing Questions For The 2015 Season

Having some travel time sometimes leaves the mind to its own devices and with that, I have 10 pressing questions for the rest of the 2015 season:

Will Patrick Switzer finally release a pro model board called the swizzle stick? “V3” just has no pop.

Will Push Culture finally make plain black pants? What about maternity wear?

Will Landyachtz make a mini wolfshark called the puppy guppy?

Will Predator finally make a smaller size helmet for groms and call it the child predator? (Heard rumours of one at Maryhill FOS?)

Will Liam… wait, no, not going there. Not worth it.

Will one of the sunset sliders go replicate Frank Gerwer’s SF tail drop to hill bomb and actually ride away instead of bailing and sliding out on their butt like a coward?

Will Matt K get a shoe sponsor and stop skating barefoot? (Please, someone sponsor that kid for shoes. Barefoot downhill is a terrible idea.)

Will top racers embrace performance enhancing drugs to help them win? Would the prize winnings even pay for EPO, HGH, and steroids?

If skateboarding gets in the Olympics, will they include downhill? Would anyone other than Zak both care about racing and pass the drug tests?

When will we finally find out who Adam Colton really is?


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Ed Note – Max Dubler is currently in Europe touring and skating. For more images from him along the way, be sure to check @MaxDubler and @SkateSlate on instagram.