Boneyard: Korea (Revisited)

Less than a week ago the “Skate & Explore: Korea” video came out and it instantly brought back a lot of memories from that trip which had been forgotten. Not that it wasn’t a memorable experience but when you are on the road for over a month things start to blend together. Jacob Lambert was documenting the trip via photos and shared lots of them with me. I decided to pick a few of them and do a quick revisit to the trip that we took several months ago.

These two gentlemen fully held it down while we were on the tour. Adam Yates did a lot (if not all) of the planning and he picked out some rad stuff for us to check out. We were fortunate enough to have Korean local 1JB join us as well. Not only was he extremely helpful in guiding us around his country but he was also a very talented skateboarder and a stand up guy. I’d be very happy to do a trip again with these two again any day.

Two veterans of the Landyachtz Eh Team. These guys have traveled to numerous countries and skated hard the whole time. They are no stranger to being out of their comfort zone.

finding where you are
A big part about any of the the Skate & Explore trips that we’ve done is getting lost then figuring out how to get home. Depending on what country you are in and what language they speak it can be a bit intimidating to lose your bearings on where you are. But if you come to terms with the fact that it’s going to happen and it’s part of the journey then it ain’t too bad.

The man behind all of the Skate & Explore videos: Dave “Guff” Leslie. He puts in countless hours filming and editing to document our trips. With out him, our trips probably wouldn’t be nearly as interesting. Because he puts in so much time behind the camera it’s not often that we get to skate with him. I’m always stoked when he puts his camera down and gets to shred with us. Definitely makes the session that much better.

ryan gosh darn theobald
Ryan “Gosh Darn” Theobald got to join us for a handful of days while we were in Seoul. He’s been shredding for years and his style hasn’t changed one bit. Stoked to get that guy out of the office and on a hill. Maybe next time we’ll just have to plan for him to join us for some of the more serious hills…

Even in far away places you can find little things that remind you of home.

Jacob got all kinds of crazy angles at just about every spot we skated. If you thought that Jacob went missing he usually just climbed up some random structure to get that angle you never even thought of. And he probably did it barefoot too.

yate dawg is rad
When you are trying to find things to skate in different urban areas you’ll encounter many obstacles. We found this particular road and after seeing the grate halfway down I decided it was not high on my list of roads to skate. When Yatedawg saw the grate halfway down he decided it was very high on his list of roads he wanted to skate. Different strokes for different folks. That’s what makes skating rad.

We spent the last couple weeks of September traveling around Korea and it ended up providing us with some of the best weather. While it was warm in the city, once we got out in the mountains it was nice and cool. Plus all the leaves were starting to change so the landscape was much more vibrant that usual.

more hills
While we were able to check out many of the hills that the country had to offer, it’s just a scratch on the surface. This country is littered with big mountains and roads everywhere. We easily could have spent a month touring around Korea looking for roads to skate and kept ourselves busy the whole time. Skate & Explore round 2?…

noodles and bear
Feeding yourself (properly) on a road trip like this can be difficult at times. The food is labeled in a language that we don’t understand and it taste different than what we are accustomed to. Your best bet is to figure out what works for you and try to stock pile it. I found a tasty rice bowl in Korea that was cheap and could be purchased in most convenient stores. Just look how happy I am!

And I’ll leave you with this image that Jacob Lambert took of Adam Yates and I skating a road near the DMZ. This area is called the punchbowl because of the shape that the mountains make around the town. We spotted this small bit of road and thought we should give it a go. Luckily the military didn’t spot us…

Big thanks to the Korean crew and 1JB. Also a big thanks to Jacob Lambert for letting me use his pictures for this blog post.

And if you haven’t seen the “Skate & Explore: Korea” video then you best give it a watch.