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Restless Roots: Interview with Charles Ouimet

Charles Ouimet has been riding with Restless for sometime now, but is really on the move this summer with an update to his promodel board and some increased responsibility for producing media and helping the Restless brand, all while staying focused taking podiums in the international race circuit.

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Bonjour Charles! Cool fact, that’s about all the French I know after having to take it all through school, blew it. But I am on the West Coast and you’re in Quebec, tell us about yourself. How old are you? Where are you from? Do you go to school or have a job?

Salut Les! Something I realized out west, is that almost everybody had French class through school, but no one can still actually speak it. You guys are stuck with one language, too bad for y’all!

I am 21 years old living on the south shore of Montréal (approximately 15 minutes from downtown and Mount Royal). I’ve always lived there and I like it, but I will surely move out one day. 21 and still at my parent’s house and I don’t really care, no rent and no groceries to pay. That means more money for travelling right?

I am still going at school, currently halfway through my IT engineering bachelor in Québec. In a couples years from now, I COULD grow up and get a real job, but I still don’t know if I will work in corporate or will stick to the skateboarding industry. I don’t know yet. Once thing for sure is that I will finish my degree because I can use that no matter what.


Killington. Photo by @restlessboards

Education is a great opportunity for everything. SMRT! You have been Restless for a while now, how long? Looks like you just had a ‘Back to the roots video’ too. How did you meet those guys?

I’ve been riding Restless for a long time. July 2011 I hopped on the team. I got introduced by an OG Montréal rider called Jace. He was sponsored by Restless at that time. He doesn’t ride anymore. So it all started with a free longboard, and here I am now 4 years later, being a pro-rider for them.

Restless is owned by four high school best friends, and they are still BFF right now. They’re all around 30 years old. Three of them are working full time for Restless and one has a mechanical engineering job in a big firm: Chris is mainly in charge of the production, Alaric is mainly in charge of sales and marketing and Frank is mainly in charge of prototyping and development.

The Splinter is definitely roots because community, carving, cruising and getting around having fun on a longboard is what its about, its how many of us get into it and grow from there.

All great guys who know how to have fun for sure. I was impressed when I visited last summer how tight Restless was. So all this time, this is not the first WIM then right? When did the WIM become a board for you? How is it different now?

The first WIM prototype has been around since 2013. At that time, I was my first World Cup Tour. I did a lot of testing on the board. At Angie’s, Maryhill, Whistler, I had a wood version. Yup, sharpie and bad cut-outs.




This was my first and only rip on Tuna. I should definitely go back this year.

Later in 2013, I had the chance to make only one WIM Advanced. The construction was pretty amazing. It is the same construction as the NKD Advanced, but with a tail. This is what it looked like inside the board:


Top sheet
Bi-axia; +/-45 fiberglass
Aluminium alloy
Vertically laminated wood core
Bi-axia; +/-45 fiberglass
Vertically laminated wood core
Aluminium alloy
Vibration dampening layer
Bi-axia; +/-45 fiberglass
Screen printed top sheet

This is a great sandwich right?


S/O to the old Restless logo. That ugly rabbit stayed for way too long. Sorry Chris, but nobody liked that logo. The new signature is waaaaaaaaayyyyyy better.

The board had changed a lot over two years. The 2014 wood version was finally available to customers. Riders seemed to like it. Graphic was cool at the time and the shape was interesting. But the new 2015 version, WOW it is everything that I could ask on a downhill/freeride board. No cut-outs in the middle, micro Drop, 3D Wheel-wells, Top Mount, Kicktail, W-Concave, Wheel-wells, Variable wheel-base and one of the best graphic in the game, in my opinion of course. More details on the Wim here.


What do you like about having a kick tale, why was that important for you?

I like having a kick tail while racing for two main reasons. The first one is that the racer behind you have to break more his tuck to bump you since he is far from my butt. So once he bumb and airbrake a little, this may be enough for me to fly away. The other main reason is for the extra steeze points on pictures. IMO, board with a tail looks way better. While freeding with a tight stance, it give an awesome result. It’s all about steeze!


Skating capitot hills. Photo by @alexisgl1

I heard that you could do a tons of trick with the tail, but that’s actually not my type. For freeriding with the smallest wheelbase, it leaves a lot of tail for huge pop. My bro FCT can Ollie a 5 stack of street decks no problem.

If you ride the WIM and do crazy tricks using the tail, send me 15 seconds videos and I will surely regram you on my Instagram (@charlesouimet)!

You heard it, send him some tricks!

You were just traveling, right? I saw you out west here at Danger Bay and Britannia. How did you like BC? First time?

Actually, it was my third time out West this summer. I was very quiet back in the days and Restless wasn’t really known. I was at Whistler in 2012 and 2013.

Here I am blowing the inside line on the huge drop-through deck in 2012.

Here I am blowing the inside line on the huge drop-through deck in 2012.

This year was my first for Danger Bay and Britannia.


Tucking it out at Britannia. Photo by @restlessboards

My first DB.

My first DB.

Looks like I even made the Skate[Slate] Danger Bay video!

I had tons of fun and great runs with the homies from the west coast. I did bro’d out a lot this year, made a lot of friends.


Here I am with Patrick Switzer and Riley Harris giving high-5 to skateboarders.

And here is a great pic by @restlessboards of Patrick, Kevin and myself with the beautiful view of Britannia.

And here is a great pic by @restlessboards of Patrick, Kevin and myself with the beautiful view of Britannia.

Both events were a great time for sure! Then you had races in the east right? Restless presented Killington. How were Killington and Burke Mountain for you? How were the scenes different east and west?

I had a blast on these two next-level race courses. Sorry West coast, but the East is killing it. I was really unlucky with racing at these race though. First at Killington at the first round of racing, this dude decided to footbrake SO EARLY for no reason. It fucked me up and crashed. And then at Burke, I crashed and dislocated my shoulder, once again.

With the team, we hopped on the RideREPEAT camper and travelled to the races. Big shoutout to the supporter of the RV: Restless Longboards, Rollin Skateshop, Cult wheels, Paris trucks, G-form and Skate[Slate].

This pictures is awesome. Skateboards, helmets, wheels and our camper. I swear, these pictures aren’t staged. Photo : @JeremyLeChatelier

This pictures is awesome. Skateboards, helmets, wheels and our camper. I swear, these pictures aren’t staged. Photo : @JeremyLeChatelier

Sorry to hear about your injury. Curse of the longboarder. Have you had many injuries?

Shits happen right? It was the first time that my left shoulder popped out, and stayed out. Before that, it was always getting back in place. This timed, I stayed 9 hours with a dislocated shoulder. They managed to put it back it right before surgery. Other than that, never had big injuries * currently touching wood*

I will be back on board for Kozakov and Verdicchio!!!

Well, I hope you get healthy soon and we see you back on your board having some fun. Want to shout out to Mom? Support some sponsors? Last chance to say what you want.

Thanks a lot SkateSlate for this interview. Les, you’re the man! You can follow my skateboarding adventures through pictures on my Instagram. I post a picture every one or two days and its only longboard related stuff. @charlesouimet

Many people don’t know, but I am also a portrait photographer. I mainly shoot beautiful girls on my spare time, you should definitely take a look. @refinedmoment on Instagram!

Big shout out to Restless Boards for giving me the chance to live skateboarding and sending me all around the world to skateboard. Massive thanks to Orangatang Wheels for hooking me up this season with the best wheels on the market. Can’t be more thankful to Yann behind Harfang Wheels for doing kickass wheels modifications for my needs. Thanks to G-form keeping my knees, hips and elbow safe when I ride. Mom and Dad, even if I know you hate skateboarding and are always worried when I am going out skating, thanks for supporting me while I finish my studies.

Skate hard & skate safe friends! Thanks!