omen longboards road trip

Omen Hauls Ass to Central Mass

Omen Longboards and Free Wheel Co have loaded up a van and left Washington State to zig zag across Canada and the USA hitting up spots, shops, riders, events and fast food wherever they can find. We tried to catch up with the Omen #MobileRuckus machine (aka their van) and Nate Blackburn to find out how things were going.


Nate! I got to see you in Vancouver, Canada really early in the trip and I have been following your weekly updates on the Omen longboards blog (week 1 and week 2 posts here), where are you? Are you going to make it to Central Mass 6?

We are currently in Boston, MA and we have had a Rollercoaster of a rocket ship ride out here. We are on track to make it to Cenral Mass 6 and even got to meet up with your Skate[Slate] cover boy Mike Girard a week earlier at Munnsville Gravity Fest. We just picked up Chris Birch and skated with Norman Plante.

Why are you hauling ass to Central Mass? What’s the whole purpose of the trip?

I thought he whole purpose is to make it to Cenral Mass 6, but more often than not the journey is the real adventure. We do really wanted to attend one of the biggest east coast events. Mike G has been building it right and we were excited to come here, but what better way than driving right?!
We also had a few events to hit along the way:


What happens once you make it to to Central Mass this weekend?

Pictures, partying, mini ramp, friends, and good times, the main goal is to see some epic east coast skating and experience something different from the west coast we’re used to.

Fair enough. Do you know how many miles you’ve put on the van already?

So far we have put 6581 miles, so far… and counting! Almost 400 or those miles were backtracking.

Backtracking, is that a dance move? Never. How is that weak stomach of your? Is it all fast food or has anyone made you a home cooked meal?

Les you know me too well! Luckily enough we brought Morgan Owens along and he can cook. Morgan brought a full stove, plenty of pans and while we have been camping in Walmart parking lots, he’s cooking up steaks! Road life Nate has eaten way more fresh meals than Office life Nate.

So does that mean less toilet breaks? You like to sleep, how’s that going for you?

I’m putting that off till I’m dead! 4 hours of sleep is a lot. Driving till 2 am is common. Red Bull is cheap in the middle of the country, also with the exchange rate Tim Hortons in Canada is a key player in the #omenhaulsasstocenmass ehh! portion of the trip.

We’ll give people the link to your trip blog updates (week 1 and week 2 posts here) and we’ve got some photos to post, but can you share a couple special memories from the trip so far?

Ummmm yeaaaa… Morgan dropped a quarter, I walked into him and we have never been able to look at each other since. We almost got hit by an F250 in Toronto, that sucked. We also learned the value of always asking for ID from females, especially on the road, because looking of age and being of age are very different things. I also learned to drop in! Oh and if anyone asks you to skate their local hill always say yes!

Saying yes is generally a good idea on a road trip. Any favourite spots or shops?

We loved every shop we went to, but there were some definite highlights getting out of the van! The coolest hills since the west coast were probably in Montréal – thanks Sam and Antoine and the Boutique Rollin crew. Also in Toronto, hanging out at Club 54 is a must for all skaters, when visiting Longboard Haven. And there’s a secret gem in Lacrosse Wisconsin called Black Squrl Skate we really enjoyed.

Anything else for now? Mid-way shootouts?

First huge shout out to Omen for taking care of all the gas and shoutout to Gravity, Paris, Free Wheel and Divine for the care packages we needed along the way. Thank you to Wynne William, Andy from Sun and Snow, Ethan Ledger from Boxford Mass, Carlos from Ottawa, Tristan and Julian from Montréal, Johnny and Marcus from Edmonton, Jen and Isiah from Akron,  the Sunvalley team, and of course our moms, dad’s, girlfriends and lovers! Also big thanks to the lax border security from the last 2 border crossings. Quickie shoutout to Dexter Manning and Mike Girard. Special shoutout to Mischa Chandler at Flatspot for sending us off right and not beating us up for showing up late and missing a shop already on the first stop! Promise it’ll happen again.

Thanks Nate. Send us another report after Central Mass! 

Just to remind everyone, you can follow the #OmenHaulsAssToCenMass tag on instagram or peep the updates on the (week 1 and week 2 recap posts here). If you’re headed to Central Mass 6 this weekend, Omen will be there with their team, demo boards and swag to give out, then we’re headed back west to the Maryhill Freeride to help raise funds for the Wolfe Family who had their house burned down in the fire earlier this summer after that.