Restless Rider Daniel Holdsworth On Fiyah

Daniel Holdsworth has to be one of the most genuine riders I’ve met. His soul is full of love for sure, but it doesn’t stop him from the burning dire to bomb hills and shred thane. A regular around the Coast scene, Daniel doesn’t just want to compete, he’s looking to give back as a volunteer and event organizer as well. I was stoked to see Daniel with his first video part with Restless Longboards – Okanagan Fiyah Alert – and hit him up with a few questions.

Daniel, I’ve known you from Coast Longboarding for a while now, but this is your first brand video part right? Tell us a bit about you, how old are you, where you from? How long have you been skating?

Yes this is my first official edit thanks to Restless Longboards and Hollow Point Labs. I’m 21 years old, originally from Kitchener, Ontario. I moved to Penticton, British Columbia in 2012 to pursuit my dreams and skate downhills. I started skating in the summer of 2011 and been in love ever since.

When did you start riding Restless, how did you get hooked up with them?

I met Alaric one of the owners of Restless in the fall of 2011 at Push For the Cure. It was a 3 day fundraiser where 18 riders pushed 170 Kilometers for Breast Cancer from Toronto to Niagara Falls. During these few days Alaric had let me use a demo board because my board was not suited for long distances. After the event I had to order a Restless complete straight to my doorstep. I’ve been loyal ever since.

I’m definitely stoked on Restless. They have been making a strong effort the past couple years matching some great construction with riders like Charles Ouimet and Niko Desmarais help. Being Canadian Made is rad too. What makes Restless a good fit for you and your style of skating?

Restless have always listened to the feedback from their team riders and community, which has resulted in a very functional quiver to fit all needs. So I have easily found my go to boards throughout the years, like my go-to thrasher the Astrohican double kick. This board is no longer in production yet they still hook it up, even with a custom Rasta graphic. I’m also loving the Charles Ouimet WIM board right now. All I can say Restless has always kept good wood under my feet and I couldn’t be any more stoked!


Daniel and homie Troy Yardwaste Grenier loving the Coast. Photo Misha Green.

What are your plans for the rest of the season? How are you making the most of sunny weather?

My plans for the rest of the season are to hit a few more local races like the Memorial Race Yardwaste is holding in Abbotsford, and Whistler Longboard Festival. As well I am working on my own race the Chute Lake Disaster here in Naramata for the second year running. If I’m lucky hopefully going to head down to Cali for Santa Gnarbra race. With the sun on my back for only a few more months just going to heal up this road rash and get back to the streets!

Does skating change for you when the season changes or are you planning to chase dry roads?

I say it every year that Im going to dodge winter and follow the sun. This year I got plans to go to Jamaica for my birthday at the end of November. Then, after that hopefully going to head to the Caribbean to work at a friend’s family resort.

Skating involves a bunch of road tripping, what are your favorite ways to kill time on long drives?

Favorite all time way to kill time is my Reggae jams. I’ve got tunes for days, I’ve drowned the homies with reggae for many hours on the road.

If you could ride one road this year and only that road, what would it be?

Giants Head


Photo Misha Green.

Thanks for the chat Daniel. Any last words, shout outs?

Always giving thanks to my loved ones always staying by my side near or far. Big thanks to Alaric and all the homies at Restless being by my side from the start. Thanks to Ian Brown and Hollow Point Labs for keeping be strapped with fast bearings and helping make my first edit happen. Big ups always to Bricin ‘Striker’ Lyons and Coast Longboarding for keeping it real!


Coast Longboarding family vibes with the man Bricin Striker Lyons. Photo Olivier Bashonga.

* Thanks to Olivier Bashonga and Misha Green for photos!