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Ms. Monthly – What You Miss’d In July

Can you believe it’s August already? Oh, how time flies! July was yet another exciting month in the female skate world. If you Miss’d the June recap, it’s always worth checking out still ;) but July has been poppin off! The European race scene is underway and not only did it have a record number of girls at each event but the level of riding was at an all-time high. This mixture of increased participation and skill progression has also resulted in more high-quality media releases than ever before. To say I’m stoked about this female media growth would be an understatement. Thankfully, it’s that time of the month where I get to share with you what’s up and what you Miss’d in July.


Alicia, Carmen & Carla schmangin' a left in Happy Valley, Oregon! Photo: Khaleeq Alfred

Alicia, Carmen & Carla schmangin’ a left in Happy Valley, Oregon! Photo: Khaleeq Alfred


Lisa Peters & Jasmijn Hanegraef camp, wake, and skate on a scenic, hairpin-filled road somewhere in Europe. These ladies are living the dream!

Yuna Kang from South Korea released with her first official video packed with a variety of freestyle and freeride tricks! Definitely some of the best female riding I’ve seen out of Korea yet!

Susan Heine absolutely slays this Austrian mountain road. Watch as she drifts with precision and stays in her lane on this raw run.

Alexandra Kubiak Ho-Chi and her partner-in-crime, Laurent Perigault, toured the west coast a few months back. This is the first of their five part series, showcasing their unique style in the classic streets of San Francisco.

Rachel Bagels recently released some amazing footage from her trip Down Under. The roads looked like an absolute dream!

Glori Fizert lays down a fast rip-and-grip raw run in Slivenec, Czech Republic. Good lines and good vibes – what more could you ask for?

Finally, this month’s throwback video is from one of Original Skateboard’s first female riders, Molly Lewis. Molly inspired girls across the world to skate with her surfy style and progressive videos.


The 7th annual Saltspring Slasher race occurred in British Columbia from July 3-5. Colombian shredder Chela Giraldo took the win with Kaylene Beatty taking second and Anna O’Neill snagging third. In the UK, the Hoghill Outlaw took place with Alexandra (Sweden), Lyndsay McLaren (UK) and April (UK) taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. Yea ladies! (Send us your ladies race updates!

Saltspring Slasher podium

Saltspring Slasher podium L-R – Anna, Chela & Kaylene

In IDF news, La Salzadella in Castellon, Spain kicked off the European circuit from July 3-5. The field was predominantly Spanish with Paloma Dorado a.k.a Palaxa taking 1st, Myrjam Weißschuh 2nd, and Laura Hernandez 3rd. TMI Lilyhammer in Norway was the next pit stop for the IDF World Cup, drawing out riders from across the world. Emily Pross (US), Cassandra Duchesne (Canada), and Linn Anderson (Sweden) took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively.

Salzadella Podium

Salzadella Podium L-R – Myrjam, Paloma, Laura

The final IDF stop of July was Kozakov in the Czech Republic. Race day was soaking wet making the final heats crash-filled and interesting. Emily Pross managed to come out on top once again with Marie Bougourd (France) taking 2nd and Lyde Begue (France) taking 3rd.

Kozakov Podium

Kozakov Podium L-R – Marie, Emily, Lyde

IDF standings as of the end of July:
1st: Emily Pross (5261 points)
2nd: Marie Bougourd (5037 points)
3rd: Cassandra Duchesne (4269 points)


LGC OPEN continued to premiere around the world in Kozakov, Czech Republic, France, and Melbourne Australia. Keyla Dennise is hosting a girl’s clinic in Puerto Rico August 2nd. Anna Selina is hosting a girl’s cruise in Brisbane on August 30th. The Toronto, Ontario (OSNS) garage scene has apparently been exploding with female participation. Last I heard, upwards of 7-8 ladies could be spotted on any given night!

7 ladies at Old School Night Shred in Toronto. That's a record for sure!

7 ladies at Old School Night Shred in Toronto. That’s a record for sure!

Various shredders including Victoria Waddington, Lillian Gutsch, Marie Bougourd, and more are experiencing their own Eurotrips! Carmen Shafer and Alicia Fillback have been skating and collecting media on their #UpperLeft tour. Carla Javier and the Bustin boys have been lurking in the Pacific Northwest for their #ForAllWhoPushTour. Ladies from across the US are about to convene in Colorado to embark on a #SheTour2k15 enroute to the Maryhill She-Ride. Support their trip with a donation here.


Hoopla dropped a mind-blowing part with all their pro riders on the Berrics.

Leticia stirred up the skateboarding world with her debut in the ESPN body issue. Skateistan has continued making waves by bringing skateboarding to developing countries and exposing its growth through media.

Alysha Bergado has been on fire winning not only the Supergirl Pro Vert Contest but also the Van Doren Invitational in Huntington Beach.


I know, I know. I probably missed a million and one things. Leave a comment below so that I don’t miss things next time around! Or email me – Thanks for reading!

P.S. Daddies Boardshop is hosting a LGC OPEN premier next week. Don’t Miss Out!


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