Restless Longboards – Splinter Series 2015

The Restless Splinter series offers you a versatile, durable, open platform to skate, play and have fun, pretty much any way you want to. Check out Restless Team rider Charles Ouimet carving and crusing the city of Montréal on the Splinter.

The Restless Splinter Series 2015 is their most versatile cruiser deck for sure. Created in a special FiberLam layup, the Splinter Series comes in 3 sizes: 35, 38 & 40 inches. The Fibrelam layup is made out of 6 plys of Hard Canadian Maple and 2 plys of biaxial fiberglass. The fiberglass makes this board lighter and more durable, and more importantly, it gives the board more flex memory, meaning that it will keep its flex for much longer than a typical wood board. With its awesome flex, this deck was developed to be polyvalent. [That’s science talk for super durable, for a really long time!]


Restless Team rider Charles Ouimet carving and crusing the city of Montréal on the Splinter

All the Splinters are drop-through mounting and give you a lower center of gravity, which means easier slides and less fatigue on the legs on those long cruises. The shape maximizes the space for your feet while enabling enough room for the wheels – so nasty wheelbase to worry about. The twin-tip shape and double kicks also make this board more versatile. It’s a simple and time-tested design that appeals to all types of riders and riding styles. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, the Splinter series has what you need for cruising, sliding, freestyle, freeride and even some mellow downhill. If you want a board that you can use to grow your skills in all the spheres of longboarding, get one of the Splinter series!

restless splinter series

Artwork by Felix Rancourt

Wheelbase : 22″, 26″, 28″
Length : 35″, 38″, 40 ”
Width : 9.5″
Flexibility : Flexy
Concave : Medium
Construction : Composite
Rider Type : Beginning, Progressing
Properties : Drop-through, Twin-tip, Kicktail



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