Caliber Truck Co. – Midnight Satin

Caliber Truck Co. has released their Midnight Satin colorways along with their new La Reunion video series featuring riders James Kelly and Liam Morgan. Now your favorite Caliber Trucks are available in super classy Midnight Satin Blue, Green and Red. Check the Midnight Satin 44s here and then Midnight Satin 50s here.

With so much to enjoy in the La Reunion series, it seems Caliber has only has a few teasers and some images to go along with this release, but there’s sure to be a slew of incredible video to come. Peep this quick cut we found featuring Skate[Slate] Magazine issue 25 Finish line rider, Fer Bailleres from Mexico rockin some Midnight Satin Red 50 degree trucks:

In case you missed it (how?!) feast your eyes on the La Reunion Series parts one & two featuring James Kelly and Liam Morgan.