Daddies Boardshop LGC OPEN Movie Premier

Daddies Board Shop, These Wheels, and The Longboard Girls Crew have teamed to give you an absolutely fun filled day and a chance to see the LGC OPEN movie!

Daddies will be turing up the BBQ, breaking out some drinks and snacks, and have a few fun tricks you’ll have to be there to find out. To make sure everyone is good and hungry, Daddies and These will be hosting an awesome These Wheels demo session up at Mt. Tabor from 3-6pm. They’re supplying tons of wheels, to make sure everyone gets a chance to try them out.

Once everyone’s had a chance to burn some thane, they will have everyone shifting over to the shop for the very long-time anticipated, OPEN movie premiere with Longboard Girls Crew. A film directed and produced by world renown film director, Daniel Etura. Daddies sent out four of the girls, Katie Neilson, Amanda Powell, Ishtar Backlund, and Marisa Nunez, to Israel to skate and be filmed in a far away land. The group of 14 girls spent two weeks traveling all over the country skating every hill and skatepark they could reach. The film brings together some beautiful, unforgettable moments that will live forever, captured through the lens of Daniel’s camera, and now finally ready to be shared with you for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Marisa Nunez and Cindy Zhou will also be in the house to give a recap of the film and answer any questions anyone might have about the filming of OPEN. Don’t miss this event-filled, memorable day of fun with the Daddies Board Shop in Portland!

Daddies x These Wheels Demo Session: Head to Mt. Tabor from 3-6pm details on the Daddies facebook.


Longboard Girls Crew OPEN Premier: Head to Daddies Boardshop from 7-9pm details on the Daddies Facebook.

Daddies Board Shop
5909 NE 80th Ave
Portland, OR 97218