Sector 9 Downhill Division Arizona Tour Photos

Earlier this season, I had the pleasure to ride along with the Sector 9 crew on an RV road trip from San Diego to Arizona to skate some different mountains and get a bunch of media to show for it. We accomplished our mission easily with the huge crew of talented riders. Check out issue 25 of Skate Slate Longboarding Magazine to see my article on the #S9PhatAZtour in detail. 

Arizona had some epic spots. Both days we left our RV because it couldn’t make it up the mountains we were skating. The first day we skated Mt. Lemmon and the next day we skated Mt. Graham. Mt. Lemmon was smooth and had a lift that the boys shuttled for a while. We bombed the whole mountain, back into the desert, and then stayed at an RV campground at the base of Mt. Graham. The next day was a fun day navigating the Chunderdome pavement. We got nothing but love from other people we encountered driving through the area and left the hill with a grip of footy and photos. One last night at the RV park and we were on our way back to San Diego. There’s definitely a lot more to the story, so be sure to check out the videos from Sector 9 after the gallery and peep the full story including all the juicy details and bangin’ photos in issue 25 of the magazine.

Watch the fun videos Sector 9 has released  from the Arizona trip – part 1 was dropped previously:

And they dropped part 2 today!

A huge thanks goes out to Sector 9 for making the trip happen, all the Arizona locals for driving their cars since our RV couldn’t make it up the mountains, and Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley for letting us use their lift.