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The Sucrose family has been hard at work making a new video for each of their favorite wheels! Filmed and edited by Tom Flinchbaugh, enjoy four new videos (the Bogart, the Vice, the Summit, and the Mosh) that are as entertaining as they are informative. Each video is paired with top level riding from the Sucrose Initiative team riders that are more commonly known as the Sucrose Fiends.


The Bogart is our smallest and most versatile wheel. It changed Bill’s life, and it can change yours. Bill believes in the Bogart so much that he takes to the streets spread the Sucrose gospel, making sure everyone knows the Bogart is the ideal size for your cruiser or city slasher board, and comes equipped with a stoneground finish to slide perfect right out of the packaging. Big round lips keeps the slides smooth, and make sure these wheels roll smoothing on all surfaces. The core offset helps slow you down in slides, and even contributes to grip when you really need to lean into things. If you care about the children, check out the Bogart.

Riders: Will Clay, Norman Plante, Cooper Darquea, Daniel Macdonald
Film/Edit: Tom Flinchbaugh

Arbor Skateboards_Sucrose Initiative_Vice_Banner

Sometimes even the second smartest animal on the planet needs to get schooled on how things work. Norman Plante takes the time to present the finer points of the Sucrose Initiative 69mm Vice wheel, why it works so well and why this alternative helps reduce our reliance on petroleum.

Riders: Norman Plante, Cooper Darquea
Film/Edit: Tom Flinchbaugh


Cooper Darquea spent the day relaxing in Venice to contemplate why the Sucrose Initiative Summit is his favorite wheel. Our Sugar formula poured around the the Groovetube core provides fast roll speed and rebound, and the Summit shape gives you a great balance of top speed and acceleration all while providing the most grip possible and smooth drifting characteristics. This wheel is ideal for racecourses and fast bombs, and makes a great freeride wheel once worn down.

Riders: Norman Plante, Cooper Darquea, Will Clay
Film/Edit: Tom Flinchbaugh


The Mosh is the gateway to freeride bliss, and Sperman Splunt just can’t help getting the word out to everyone. It’s midsize profile and round lips make it a perfect wheel for any type of freeride, whether you’re just learning or a seasoned slide addict, and it’s quick acceleration means you’re ready to do slide after slide. The centerset core lets you flip these to wear evenly, and get the most bang for your buck.

Riders: Norman Plante, Cooper Darquea, Will Clay
Film/Edit: Tom Flinchbaugh

Check out the Sucrose Initiative’s full lineup of wheels at:

About the Sucrose Initiative: The Sucrose Initiative was developed to bring together rider based design, performance across a wide range of conditions, and an effort to start reducing our reliance on petroleum based materials. Our highly durable Sucrose urethane makes these wheels the best performing and most cost efficient lift ticket on the hill, and with 10% less petroleum content, you can feel good about making a conscious choice to reduce our impact on the environment.

About Arbor: The Arbor Collective was founded in 1995 and has stayed true to its pursuit of craftsmanship, commitment to the environment, and dedication to the good times that started it all.  For Arbor, it’s been a non-stop journey into shape, material, art, and life lived in the pursuit of skateboarding and snowboarding; a direction defined by a two-decade long partnership with athletes and artists, who share Arbor’s vision for design.


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