Earthwing Skateboards Thruster and Raisin Hell

Earthwing Skateboards, brain child of Brian Petrie, has been making incredible product in New York since the 90’s under the idea that ‘You Deserve More’ from your board. All these years later and Brian is still pushing the envelope on construction, while keeping his anti-corpo, keep it in the streets, do it for the sake of skateboarding and riders ideals. Earthwing is the way they want it, tiny, with no investors to answer to, so they can do what they want.

With that, Earthwing has been working hard to bring you the new Thruster and Raisin Hell boards! Peep the video from team riders Jamie Neives and legend Steve Kong and find out why these decks are right for you. And FYI, if they can take the abuse that both NYC and the team put them to, these decks are going to kick ass for you too.




  • 6ply Maple core sandwiched in Thermolam
  • 36″ Long x 9.75″ Wide
  • Nose 6.25 / 7″
  • Tail 6.5 / 7.25″
  • Wheelbase 17.5 – 19″
  • Deep Wheelwells – super deep!

Raisin Hell


  • 7ply Maple
  • 33″ Long x 9.75″ Wide
  • Nose 3.25 / 4″
  • Tail 6.5 / 7.25″
  • Wheelbase 17.5 – 19″
  • Deep Wheelwells – super flaired

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jamie neives and steve kong

Steve Kong and Jamie Neives – Earthwing Skateboards NYC