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Reflecting on Daddies LGC OPEN Premiere: Meaningful Media Never Expires

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Longboard Girls Crew OPEN movie premiere at Daddies Board Shop in Portland, Oregon. It was my third OPEN premiere having attended previous screenings in Toronto and Los Angeles. With two premieres under my belt, you’d think that I’d be used to sharing the project but in reality, this was the most nerve-racking premiere yet! I was hyper-aware of the fact that August 2015 marked exactly two years since the movie’s initial filming. Since then, so much has changed for the riders and brands involved, as well as the industry as a whole. I attended the premiere wondering if the riding would seem outdated, if the commentary would still connect with the audience, and if OPEN even mattered. It wasn’t until the end of the showing when the audience applauded and hollered that I realized why OPEN would always be an important piece of media.

OPEN watched on multiple levels. Photo: Nathan Harris

OPEN watched on multiple levels. Photo: Nathan Harris

In my opinion, the majority of longboarding media does one of two positive things – it either helps progresses the sport or it helps grow it. Video parts or crazy raw runs tend to push the sport to go bigger, faster, and more technical. On the flip side, videos for event recaps, trick tips and gear guides tend to make things more accessible and grow participation. Rarely does media succeed in both progressing and growing the sport – and that’s what makes OPEN so special. It is one of the few pieces of media that I feel accomplishes both.

Laser focused. Photo: Nathan Harris

Laser focused. Photo: Nathan Harris

OPEN progresses the sport by bringing together the some of the best female riders from across different disciplines. You may never witness a faster female freerider than Micaela Wilson, a more precise female tech slider than Gina Mendez, or a more badass female downhill skateboarder than Katie Neilson and you certainly may never see them all in one piece of media. All the riders involved in OPEN collectively motivated each other and helped raise the bar for the level of female longboarding moving forward.

Portland host, Marisa Nunez on screen gripping a fast left. Photo: Nathan Harris

Portland host, Marisa Nunez on screen gripping a fast left. Photo: Nathan Harris

At the same time, by just bringing all these ladies together and show casing their talents, OPEN helps inspire ladies everywhere and helping to inspire and grow female participation. However, while OPEN highlights the ladies, the very existence of OPEN and it’s delivery helps to grow participation in the sport by appealing to audiences that may not know much about longboarding at all, no matter what gender they might be, and addresses themes such as self empowerment and community that are important for everyone.

The moral of the story, for me, is that meaningful media doesn’t have an expiry date. Everyone who was involved in the making of OPEN made it with the intention of it being timeless. Whether someone watched OPEN for the first time in October 2014 at the worldwide premiere in Madrid or watches it for the first time in 2020, we know it will have the power to get everyone stoked!

Here’s a teaser of the video to get you stoked – not a portion of it, more just clips. Find out when an OPEN premier might be near you, or maybe help bring one to your community be checking out the Longboard Girls Crew website.

Thanks to Daddies Board Shop, Longboard Girls Crew, Nathan Harris for snapping some pics for me and everyone who came out to the OPEN premier. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out my monthly blog post Ms. Monthly and find out more about ladies skating each month!

PDX_LGC OPEN_Group Photo

Squad. Photo Nathan Harris.


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