Malachi Greene Joins Randal Trucks Co

Malachi Green has been a little under the radar for a minute, but looks like it’s for the best. Out with his second part of the season, Pond Scum Malachi also has himself a new sponsor and job title – Randal Trucks new team manager! While the Randal gig is only one of many hats for his single head right now, Malachi is working hard to create solid foundations for himself and continue to build on his downhill roots in a more fixed role in the industry. Peep the new Pond Scum video and find out what Malachi’s up to next with Randal in the interview below.

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Malachi, how goes it? Where are you right now? Is that home?

Whats up!? Im doing good, Im in Santa Cruz, Ca. Thats my home, and I love it.

You’ve been around the ‘scene’ for a while now, how long have you been skating? Sponsored?

I’ve been skating since I was a little guy, but Ive been skating downhill since 09. I’ve been sponsored pretty much since the begging, by Tactis Skate Shop. My first big sponsor came in 2011, which was Five Mile, so for close to 5 years I’ve been a sponsored skater. Thats a quarter of my life so far haha.

For a young guy, that’s a bit of time, has it all been buttery or some rocky roads along the way?

Rocky Roads for sure. Some guys will only take the buttery routes, but thats not really how I do it. I had to make mistakes to learn for myself, but there were definitely a few slams I didn’t really expect.

I’ve read some seemingly jaded perspectives from you on the industry and sponsorship before, are you jaded or do you just not give any fucks?

I’m a bit jaded, but I love the industry. I love being a part of it. For some people that industry is business, for me it’s kinda home. I just dont give any fucks on telling it like it is, and voicing my opinion. I just always want to be honest with how I feel about something. Not everyone appreciates that.

Malachi Greene Skate Slate 3

One should not simply get sponsored, what does sponsorship mean to you? Who are you riding with right now?

Sponsorship to me is riding a product because you believe in it, and support the image, and life style they promote. It is also working your ass off to promote that brand. Dont ask for shit if you arent doing anything. The same goes for the brand sponsoring. I believe the brand should support their rider, and not take without giving. It goes both ways.

I ride for Riviera Skateboards, Divine Wheel Co, S1 Helmets, Yeehaw Gear, My local shop, and also my main employer SC Boardroom supports me, Whiskey Run co, and last but not least , I’m now riding for Randal Trucks. These guys support me even though I get caught up on life hammers all the time. Its not always easy to produce media the way they need it to sell, but they still help me out. The people behind these brands are stand up, solid dudes who give it to me straight and I think I am good about not asking for shit unless I’m doing shit. We find a good balance.

It seems the shoe is on the other foot, Randal has named you Brand Manager/ team manager/ rider/ whipping boy? What do you bring to the table for Randal these days? Why are they making you the man? I thought you were washed up?! ;)

haha Yeah Im HYPED!!! I am now the brand/team manager for them. I basically in the process showing people Randal is alive and well and starting to build a team. I’ve been product testing, and helping develop new products. I’m also in charge of showing what we are about. The Image that is Randal, and what we stand for.  I started off just skating for them, but I had ideas, and drive. I think they liked that, and here we are now. I’ve been working to put myself out there, so I appreciate the opportunity.

As for being washed up. FAR FROM IT! I’ve just been skating low key haven’t been traveling a lot. I had rent, and bills to pay so now that skating is helping me pay that. You will see alot more of me, and better shit. Im here to work, and skate.


So you’re on the up and up, positive vibes, stoke all around? They made you the man. Why did you accept? What do you bring to the bushing seat for Randal?

I accepted because I see alot of potential in Randal, and the truck, and the brand holds a special place in my heart. I grew up riding randal trucks, and I want to have others keep learning, and progressing on randals too. I know alot of people who say “randals were my first set of trucks”. I want another generation to be saying that, and saying “randals are my first, only, and favorite trucks”.

Straight up, where has Randal been for the past few years? Kind of a let down to see it fade away, but stoked to see there is a revival. Why now?

So Randal was owned by someone else, but it never went anywhere. Not much of a team, or media coming out. Randals never left they just were not promoted. Still being made the whole time.

The reason for now is because Randal has been laying dormant for far too long, but finally has people behind it that want to push it to where it should be. I know Im pushing for it as hard as I can. I see all these other guys doing crazy things that are rad. I’m stoked on where the truck market has gone, and the brands out there, but I feel like something is missing, and thats Randal for me.

So you give no fucks, found some roots, how are you going to get Randal under riders after a few years, new brands, new styles of riding?

Well we have some stuff in the works with our product! We are going to show everyone what we are about too, and I know people will want to be a part of it. We are all about skating, being mountain scum, being into street art, goofing around, sliding around the streets, camping, making stuff out of stuff haha, and overall just being rad people. Its not about a show for us. its about getting out there, and living.


Does Randal have anything new coming out? The RII isn’t exactly ‘new’ or ‘innovative’. Randal has roots for sure though. How are you connecting the history and the future?

Of course we do! you dont think we would just come back with the same truck, and expect it get eveyone excited do ya? We are taking our old truck, and making it new, and improved, and something everyone should ride for the future.

Are you the only team rider? Is your job to wake up an whack yourself off all day self promoting?

No we have a few guys riding the stuff on flow, and a couple past flow. I have no problem sending trucks to people with skills, and they seem to have no problem sending photos. I got a rider Justin Vivian who kills it. He isn’t the most known guy, but he gets up and sends me photos regularly. The dudes I send trucks to that I will help out fully will need to be working as hard as I am.  I can’t really give them a budget just to hang out. As much as i’d like to ha ha, I have a boss and they won’t be stoked.

As for promoting myself. yeah I do it, ha ha. I kinda have to because I’m a rider too. It’s not about if I feel awkward about posting myself. Its about me getting the fuck up, and getting photos, and clips for this idea, and creative energy I have to express, and getting more people involved. Eventually I can take more of a back seat I hope and post way more of the other riders. Until then I’m on the grind. Every fire starts with a spark. I’m trying to be the spark, and gasoline, and a bunch of really dry trees.

Im always on the look out for riders though, and to just help kids with beat to shit trucks. I want to support not only talent, but skaters just doing what they love in the community.


What else are you up to besides Randal? (is Randal a full-time job?!)

FUUUUUCCCCCKKKK I surf, and skate alot, I work at a skate shop here, and there. I work at Zameen down the street from my house. Its a Mediterranean place with good food, and serving ain’t bad when you get tips. And it’s short hours so I can still skate. Plus I go to school for business and marketing. I have a girlfriend too, and that takes up time. In a good way. Ha.

Randal is starting to become a full time gig though, and thats where I want it to go. As it is growing my responsibilities are, and I have only so much time in the day which will require me to spend more time on randal. Im stoked on that.

Well, thanks for chatting with me hombre. This is your chance for an open mic. Go!

Thanks to my sponsors Riviera, Divine, Randal, S1, SC Boardroom, Whiskey Run, Tactis, and my family. Thanks to THE CONROYS, thank you Key and you Les, Thank you Liv, and thank you downhill. without downhill I don’t know who I would be.

“you gotta be miserable, before you can be funny” – me I think.