Omen Longboards: Griffon and Galus

Sam Galus has been coming up hard on the Pacific Northwest scene for more than a minute, turning up at everything from his local shop in Seattle to events around the region and all kinds of videos in between. While I see Sam as a kind of quiet, respectful and reserved guy off the hill, on the hill he’s a thane-machine, massacring wheels and ploughing fast lines down just about anything you throw in front of him. Sometimes when you have something that just works, you stick with it, but trying new things is fun. So is having a quiver of decks to play with. After a bit of time on a lower stanced drop deck, the Omen Barbarian, Sam recently jumped on a more top mount style speed board with micro drops, the new Griffon, for his new video part Griffon and Galus. I took the chance to chat with the guy to find out what his summer’s been like and see how the change in boards is feeling.

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You’ve been skating Omen for a while, how old are you? How long have you been with Omen?

I’m 19 years old and I’ve been riding for omen for almost 3 years now.

What do you do besides skate? I’ve seen you lurking, but not sure what your everyday life is like?

Outside of skating I spend most of my time working as the shipping manager for Motion Boardshop which keeps me pretty busy during the summer. Other than that I spend a lot of time shooting photos and spending time with my non-skate homies.

How is your summer going?

Summer is going well. Working at Motion Boardshop has been keeping me from skating a bit, but a bit of extra cash is nice. Started off well with the spring freeride at Maryhill and since then have attended a few events in Canada. The Britannia Classic this year was my first leathers required race, Giants Head was amazing, and a few Flatspot jams here and there.

You recently switched from the Barbarian to the Griffon, how has that been?

The dropdeck life was nice but things get old and after riding the same board for almost a year I decided it was time for something new and the Griffon has been perfect since the day I got it.


Photo Bill Kim / @nwnatives

Was the transition difficult to switch to a smaller, taller board?

The transition wasn’t too bad, obviously I had to get used to the height a bit but after that I found it’s much nicer to have that little bit of added traction, as well as having a shorter wheelbase I’ve found makes taking good lines much easier. I’m stoked on it to say the least.

What type of riding have you been doing on the board?

I’ve been trying to keep it pretty well rounded, started off with some mild freeride, but since I’ve really gotten dialed on it I’ve been loving it for higher speed riding. Hands up and glove down I’ve had nothing but good expereinces skating it.


Photo Elijah Frank / @Elijah_Frank

Have you noticed any advantages or disadvantages?

The only disadvantage I’ve noticed is that my pushing foot is not used to the height yet, but I like the board enough to not care.

Have you gotten any wheelbite? Be honest.

No wheelbite yet! The biggest wheel I’ve ran on it is 70mm and I’m pretty far from wheelbite. I ride it pretty tight. Shit barely turns below 15mph!

Have the features of the boards been easy to just hop onto and ride? Especially in regards to this video?

I love all the features, coming from a board that doesn’t have a whole lot concave it was nice to have a lot more concave to lock in on with the Griffon. The bumps in front and back are nice, as well as the added W in the center! But my favorite part of the board is how sharp the rails are, locks you in like no other. This video shows my first two days of actually riding it and getting familiar with it, wasn’t extremely comfortable on it at the time but I’ve got the hang of it now.


Photo Elijah Frank / @Elijah_Frank

What is your setup other than the deck?

Currently riding Caliber Precisions, wedged about 5° directionally on each side to make it about a 50/40 split. I like this because it just gives it that added turn out of the front and keeps the back nice and stable, but switch is still an option. Bushing wise I’ve got 93a/93a green barrels in the back and a 90a boardside barrel/87a roadside barrel in front just to add a bit to the directionalness of the steering. Free Spinners Bearings and Free Agents have been my go-to wheel for pretty much most of my riding.

What was your favorite spot in the video?

Don’t think I have a favorite spot but I’m stoked on all the sequences on that first road. Been wanting to film there for a bit, 3 major corners all with a heinous amount of chunder in the apexes, it was my first time skating that road with slidy wheels and it made things interesting but much more favorable for skating it hands up.


Photo Bill Kim / @nwnatives

Last words? Thanks to mom? Shout outs to anyone?

Big shout to all my sponsors and everyone who supports me and to all the amazing people in the Seattle skate scene who keep it growing!

Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing you when I get back to Seattle!

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Thanks to Bill Kim fr Photos #1 & #4 – Photo Bill Kim / @nwnatives

Thanks to Bill Kim fr Photos #2 & #3 -Photo Elijah Frank / @Elijah_Frank